Most of you guys who follow this blog and our Facebook page, probably already know that I am a big fan of Littewada Sitthikul. In terms of skill and technique, Littewada is a “next level” fighter who can hang with the likes of Pakorn, Saenchai, and other top guys in Thailand.

Since my first article last year that talked about Littewada being a fighter you should watch, he has gone undefeated and beaten some of the best fighters in Thailand. This list of top fighters includes Yodwhicha (previous fighter of the year), Pakorn, Yokphnomroong, and a whole lot of other top tier fighters.

Littewada is a rising into a star in Thailand and for good reason. He is viciously fast and extremely skilled in all aspects of Muay Thai. While he prefers fighting at a distance, he can hang with the best in any area of the game, including the clinch.

While Saenchai is now dominating most facebook feeds, I wanted to expose you to another talent that is in Thailand.

Here are 10 reasons why you should become of fan of Littwada Sitthikul right now.

#1. His Teeps

Look how far back he knocks his opponent with this teep. So fast and so strong.

The teep is a weapon that can be used to control the distance of your opponent in the ring. It is the Muay Thai equivalent of the jab in boxing. Good teeps can help you keep the distance against an aggressive opponent.

Littewada knocks his opponent all the way against the ropes, stunning him for a brief moment.

Littewada has one of the best teeps you will see in Muay Thai. Because of his tall, lengthy build, he has great extension on his teeps. Combined with a small jump step, he can knock opponent’s back with ease.

While he has vicious right teeps, he also can throw strong left teeps as well

#2. He is Extremely Explosive

Look how Littewada sets up his attack on his opponent.

I know that you are probably thinking this guy is the typical Muay Thai fighter who is good at elbows, kicks and knees, but don’t underestimate his boxing skills. His footwork is so good that he puts himself in positions to land clean strikes.

Notice how he goes from a state of complete calm to exploding at his opponent

#3. His Left Elbow is Scary Good

Even when his opponent tries to throw a right elbow, he lands the left elbow first. He beat him to the elbow.

If you decide to throw punches against Littewada, you better be careful of his counter elbows. Whenever his opponents throw a straight right punch, Littewada has an instinctive reaction to throw a counter left elbow down the middle.

Watch how Littewada’s opponent charges forward with punches, waiting to be taken down with a nicely timed elbow strike

In case you didn’t notice by now, Littewada is a Southpaw fighter. This means that his left elbow is a strong technique that can counter Orthodox opponents. This is something that he takes advantage of a lot when he fights.

So if you decide to come into his elbow range, you have to deal with the consequences of his next level timing and speed. His elbow strikes are so dialed in that he doesn’t have to think, he just throws it when the opening presents itself.

Littewada showcases why you should never try and rush forward with punches against a good elbower.

Littewada is so good at waiting for his opponent’s to throw a right punch and countering with the left elbow. His timing is something that can only be developed through years of experience.

This clip showcases Pakorn counter attacking and rushing forward with punches. Notice how Littewada throws that left elbow has Pakorn runs in for the body punch. Perfect timing.

#4. His Counter Attacks are Lightning Fast

This clip showcases Littewada counter  attacking off his opponent’s right kick. The moment his opponent throws the kick, Littewada rushes forward with a quick combination, and circles out before his opponent can try and land something back. That is amazing skill.

Most skilled fighters are very good at counter attacking when their opponent strikes. They rely on perfect timing and speed to land strikes the moment there is a brief opening. If you try and strike a good counter striker, they will get you back.

#5. His Footwork is Beautiful to Watch

Look how he circles away from his oncoming opponent

One of the keys to successful controlling the action in the ring is to have good footwork. Littewada understands angles and movement when someone is coming forward. Instead of retreating back in a straight line, he always steps off to the side to move out of the line of attack.

Notice how Littewada’s opponent comes in to strike and he counter punches and steps off to the side at the same time. He then readjusts himself and goes on the attack.

#6. His Left Kicks are Too Good

Yodwhicha has no chance of blocking this left kick

Being a Southpaw fighter, you probably already know that Littewada has extremely good left kicks. He kicks with so much speed it makes it difficult for his opponents to block his strikes.

Look how relaxed Littewada is until he explodes on his opponent

Littewada patiently waits for his opponent to come forward and he lands a well timed kick

#7. His Defensive Skills Are Incredible

Look how Littewada controls the range against his opponent with teeps, uses punches to strike, and circles out to avoid damage.

To make it in the sport of Muay Thai you need to have a good defense. If you don’t have a strong defense, you will suffer a lot of KOs, which will shorten your career. Fighters who are heavy handed, often live and die by the sword.

While everyone loves watching guys like Pornsanae fight, they suffer a lot of brain injuries and trauma to the head as a result of their fighting style. There is a reason why skilled fighters like Saenchai have long careers and can fight at a high level even at 36 years old.

Did I also mention he is a beast inside of the clinch and can dominate even the best clinchers in Thailand.

Littewada has the type of defensive skills that every fighter should aspire to have. He utilizes angles, head movement, blocks and footwork to ensure that he is always in a good defensive position.

As Littewada strikes his opponent he is in the perfect defensive position when his opponent tries to counter. Notice how he uses the long guard for distance, slips the left hook and moves out of range of the kick.

One of the keys to his defense is his movement. He doesn’t stay still when someone strikes him, he circles out to avoid their power shots and counters right away.

#8. He Can Beat the Best Fighters in the Clinch

He can beat Yodwhicha, who many consider to be the best clincher in Thailand.

While you might expect Littewada to run into problems when he faced Yodwhicha, that never happened. He ended up winning the fight and showcasing how he can beat even the best fighter in the clinch.

He is able to tie up his opponent’s who are trying to engage in the clinch with him

#9. His Spinning Elbows are So Good

These elbows are viciously timed.

Something I’ve talked about in the past is the importance of putting yourself in a good position after a strike. When Littewada throws a spinning elbow he does a complete 360 and puts himself back in the original position. He waits for his opponents to push forward and times the elbows perfectly.

Look at this timing……

Here is another look at one of his spinning elbow attacks

Littewada throws a quick counter attack off his opponent’s missed kick.

10. His Setups are Perfection

Littewada sets up this knockout with a beautiful teep that knocks his opponent back, as he waits for his opponent to engage he fires a counter left elbow straight his his opponent’s chin.

Skilled fighters know how to make their opponent’s think they will do something, and then react to that. With a devastating left teep attack that knocks his opponent’s far back, Littewada utilizes this often to land knockout blows on his opponent’s who are aggressively trying to close the distance against him.

As a result of frustration, his opponent’s can often make the mistake of falling for his setups, which leave them open to knockout strikes.

Notice how Littewada throws two strong teeps in a row, and then unleashes a straight left punch that lands on the button. Great setup for the knockout

Littewada Is the Real Deal

From the punches, kicks, knees, elbows and even the clinch, Littewada has a complete game. He doesn’t have any weaknesses, which is why he is currently one of the best fighters in Thailand.

Every time I see Littewada fight, I get those “holy sh*t” moments at some points in the fight. Watching him reminds me of watching Saenchai, they both leave you amazed at the skill level and talent. If you can aspire to be like any fighter, this is someone you should try to emulate.

Littewada SitthikullWhile I am a huge fan of Saenchai, it is important to realize that Saenchai is turning 36 this year and father time is his biggest enemy going forward. No good fighter lasts forever. Saenchai is still the king of Muay Thai, but his career is winding down. He no longer competes against the best Thai fighters in Thailand and only fights foreign competition because he can easily beat them and the money is better. (A similar career path that Buakaw has taken as well, but Saenchai is at another level).

Now I will be the first to admit that Saenchai is a living legend. He is arguably the greatest fighter of all time, which is something that is difficult to live up to. However, you should never look past the young generation of fighters who are looking to make their mark in the sport.

Littewada is one of the few fighters who can compete on the same level as Saenchai. In fact, he has already beaten fighters like Yodwhicha who have beaten Saenchai at Lumpinee stadium. You could easily argue that Littewada is the best fighter in Thailand today, given his track record against some of the best guys.

Just like Saenchai, Littewada has the ability to make the top level Thai fighters look average with his skill. This is a fighter who is young and has a huge career ahead of him, let’s hope he can stay focused and continue rising to the top.