This week’s edition of Training with Champions features a short clip of some pad work with Muangfalek Kiatvichian (Kru Bang) from Evolve MMA. Bang is a 2x Rajadamnern champion, 2x World champion and Thailand boxing champion who is a very popular trainer at Evolve.

Bang is known for always having a smile on his face and gives off a really positive vibe when you meet him in person. Bang is one of those guys that you instantly like when you meet him. He is a very friendly trainer who is willing to teach his knowledge to those who are willing to learn.

The following video showcases 30 seconds of pads with Bang:

My Thoughts

After you have developed a good foundation in Muay Thai, it is important to work with different pad holders to help you fine tune your overall game. Every pad holder has different strengths and experiences that they can pass on to you. Even though you may have the best trainer in the world, it still doesn’t mean you can’t learn from another trainer that you work with.

When you watch this brief pad round you will notice that there is an adjusting period. Since every trainer holds pads a little bit differently, there will be a feeling-out process in the first minute of the pad rounds.

The more experience you have working with different pad holders, the faster the adjustment period when you hit pads. You will notice that have a few brief pauses in the beginning of the pad rounds, we both start to figure each other out. Once you start developing chemistry with your pad holder, you will start to really flow on pads.

While this clip only showcases the first 30 seconds of pads with Bang, I ended up spending multiple 5-minute rounds on pads with Bang. Bang is a really friendly trainer who knows how to hold pads at a high level.

If you want to train with Kru ‘Bang’ you learn more about him and other world champions at evolve vacation.