Lumpinee 4 man tournament

The new Lumpinee stadium that is opening up is going to feature a 4 man tournament for 300,000 baht for the winner. This an extremely talented fight tournament that features some of the best Thais in the game. We’ll keep an eye out for this tournament and post videos of the results when they come through. The fights will happen on the 28th of February (2014), so you need to make sure that you mark that date on your calender.

The fights will be broadcasted live on Thai TV so if you are in Thailand you can watch it live. People who are living abroad can watch it via stream that will be posted online.

4 Man Tournament Line Up

  • Superbank Sakchaichode
  • Sangmanee Sor Tienpo
  • Sam-A Gaiyanghaadao
  • Superlek Wor Sangprapai

Video and Fight Results will be posted here: