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Phuket Top Team Gym

Phuket Top Team is a training camp that offers MMA, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. Since opening up in 2010, as an alternative to Tiger Muay Thai, PTT has turned into one of the strongest MMA camps in Thailand. Every month you will see big name UFC fighters like Michael Bisping or Cyborg training at the camp, which is quite impressive considering the camp isn’t nearly as big as its competitor Tiger Muay Thai smapi 다운로드. I’ve known a handful of people who have trained or train at this gym, and they all have positive things to say about the...

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Battles in the Ring and Beyond: A Muay Thai Champions Fight Against Cancer

Life can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster, with the many ups and downs we have to face. For Muay Thai World Champion Singtongnoi Por Telakun, his highest points include having a successful Muay Thai career and being one of the greatest Muay Thai World Champions of his era 세이캐스트. During his career, he fought and beat some of the best fighters in the world and won the Lumpinee Muay Thai World Championship, the WMC World Championship, and was named Rajadamnern fighter of the year xperf 다운로드. After retiring, he secured a dream job as a Muay Thai instructor at...

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7 Tips For Driving a Motorbike in Thailand (and Surviving)

Thailand is a dangerous place to drive. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the land of smiles and rent motorbikes, without realizing how dangerous the roads are. Thailand has the second-highest amount road accident deaths per 100,000 people in the world. This ranking includes all third world countries, not just Western nations. If you talk to someone who has lived in Thailand long enough, they will know someone involved in a tragic accident. Everyone knows somebody who has been killed or seriously injured on a motorbike. Before visiting Thailand, I had never seen a motorcycle accident in person. Sure,...

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AKA Thailand

Updated 2017 Since it has opened its doors in 2014, AKA has grown into one of the main destinations for MMA enthusiasts coming to Thailand. While there are many Muay Thai gyms in Phuket, AKA is part of a small group of gyms on the island that offer MMA. Started by AKA team member Mike “Quick” Swich and Javier Mendez, this gym offers of breadth of fresh air to Phuket’s MMA scene. AKA is probably the biggest MMA gym in Thailand (besides Tiger Muay Thai) and a number of well established UFC fighters train at AKA 김기사 앱 다운로드. Mark...

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Tiger Muay Thai Gym: The Muay Thai Factory of Thailand

  Imagine you took the most commercialized fitness gym in your home country like “The Good Life” or “Fitness First,” turned it into a Muay Thai gym and transported it to Thailand. This is probably as close to a comparison as you can get. If you are like me, you probably heard of Tiger Muay Thai because of their marketing. In terms of marketing, there is no bigger and better gym than Tiger. This gym spends $$$$ making sure they have the biggest search engine presence on the web, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. They have a full video production team that...

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