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Short vs Tall: Maximizing Reach and Height Advantages in Muay Thai

Generally speaking, being taller is going to give you a natural advantage in a fight. Without taking into account other factors like speed, agility, timing, skill, fitness etc., if you take two fighters who are the same level, the fighter with more reach will be able to land more shots. In our last article in our Short vs Tall series, we discussed specific techniques that shorter fighters can use to counter a tall opponent’s reach advantages. This follow-up article, however, is designed for tall fighters who are facing shorter opponents. While you might assume that this guide is only beneficial for taller fighters, unless you are Saenchai’s...

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Dragon Muay Thai

Dragon Muay Thai is one of the original Muay Thai gyms in Phuket that started targeting tourist. Since they opened their doors over 8 years ago, they have become a popular alternative to people who don’t want to train at Tiger Muay Thai. Situated on the same street as Tiger, the owner Ekkarin Lookchan used to work at Chalong Muay Thai gym (which later turned into Tiger Muay Thai). The gym has had a solid reputation over the years and have had a number of high level fighters who have came through the doors. They have a regular group of local Thai...

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Rattachai Muay Thai Gym | Training Camp

Opening up in 2015, Rattachai is the newest Muay Thai gym in the Chalong area. Located on the street past the famous Soi Tai-ed (Tiger Muay Thai Road), it was founded by another ex Tiger Muay Thai trainer Kru Nai. Similar to Chokchai Muay Thai which was started by another ex Tiger trainer, Rattachai provides an alternative to people who do not want to train at Tiger. Nai became famous when the story of his sick daughter Tuptim needed a kidney transplant went viral. Dana White ended up paying the bill for his daughter and now his daughter is a stable face...

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Chokchai Muay Thai Gym

Chokchai is a relatively newer Muay Thai gym that has opened up on Soi Tai-ed (Tiger Muay Thai Road) in Chalong. The gym was founded by Chokchai who was previously a trainer at Tiger MT. He is well known for his boxing skills and his biggest claim to fame comes from fighting Manny Pacquiao many years ago when he was still fighting out of the Philippines. Even though there are many other gyms located along this small street, Chokchai has managed to establish itself as a successful gym in a short period of time. They have partnered up with...

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Sutai Muay Thai Gym

Sutai Muay Thai is one of the newest gyms that has opened up in Phuket. Sutai was previously known as Ignite gym and was opened up by Amy Sharp. It is located near Surin and Bangtao beach in a pretty close proximity to Sitsongpeenong Phuket. The gym looks to be run by a Costa Rican couple who both have an extensive and successful background in Muay Thai. Most of the people at Sutai Muay Thai have been training in Phuket for quite a while before they decided to branch out. Craig Dickson who is a regular fighter on Max and Thai...

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