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The Ultimate Guide How to Calculate & Track Conditioning

Welcome to part 2 of my Ultimate Guide to Heart Rate Training series. Part one introduced the heart rate monitor and covered how to use one. This article covers how to TEST and track your conditioning. How Do You Know Your Conditioning (Fitness) Is Actually Getting Better The answer is this: unless you are constantly testing and measuring it with quantifiable tests, you don’t. Tracking Your Conditioning is Extremely Important because it gives you the certainty that all the time and effort you are putting into improving your conditioning is actually working. Most people never bother to track their conditioning and...

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Citrulline Malate & L-Citrulline Supplement Guide

L-Citrulline is within the same amino acid family as l-arginine and l-ornithine, it contributes to the recycling of ammonia and also is a precursor in nitric oxide metabolism. When taken, L-citrulline is converted to l-arginine within the kidneys which can increase levels of plasma when taken for an extended period. Many people take L-citrulline for its beneficial effects relating to increased endurance and a notable reduction in fatigue for people who practice prolonged aerobic exercises. When taken, L-citrulline is converted to l-arginine within the kidneys which can increase levels of plasma when taken for an extended period. Many people...

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The NEW MuayThaiPros: Site Completely Updated!

Taking a break from writing lot’s of awesome content to announce we’ve gone live with our brand new website look. As they like to say in Thailand: “Same Same But Different” We’ve had the old layout on for nearly 3 years and both Steve and I thought it was time for a new look while switching to a new code framework. But it’s not just a visual upgrade; there’s a lot of changes under the hood with our update which should improve the page load times, overall browsing speed, and generally, generally make things better for our readers. We’ve...

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Clinching Arm Lock Off Balancing Technique ft. Petchboonchu

When you are locked inside of the clinch there are a number of techniques you can utilize against your opponent. Many techniques focus on off balancing your opponent, which can open up space for you to throw a knee strike. In my last video with Petchboonchu, he demonstrated an effective arm trap that you can use to execute a knee strike. This is a technique that required good footwork in order for you to execute the move. That technique was used when you are fighting for position in the clinch. In today’s Training with Champions video, Petchboonchu demonstrates a clinching technique you can use when you are locked in the clinch against your opponent. While your opponent is fighting for better arm position, you can take advantage of a strong lock by using this off balancing technique. Clinching Technique: Clinching Arm Arm Lock Off Balancing Technique Keys to the Technique The key to this technique is to wait for your opponent to break his lock around your neck. As your releases one hand from his lock and tries to get his hand inside your lock, you rotate your body around his locked arm. This technique is difficult to execute because you need to coordinate your footwork and arm movement at the same time. This technique is ideal for off balancing your opponent and creating space to throw a knee down the...

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Clinching Arm Trap to Knee Technique ft. Petchboonchu

While there are a lot of clinching techniques that involve throws, there are some techniques that are used to establish a dominant kneeing position. If you can put your opponent in a vulnerable position and hold him there, that can be more devastating than a sweep. Even though good sweeps look more spectacular, a good knee inside the clinch will score you points and can cause more damage to your opponent. Sweeps are more embarrassing to a fighter, but they do not hurt when you get thrown on the ground. A big part of clinching is the constant battle for a...

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