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About Me – Ben

My name is Ben, and I have a problem. I’m addicted you see, addicted to fitness, addicted to Muay Thai,  and addicted to Boxing. It’s a problem that I can’t stop talking about, a problem that I’ll be sharing quite a lot with you, if you stick around this site. If you are reading this then I guess it means you want to know who I am and more importantly, what I’ve done. On the internet where anyone can say anything about everything, it’s good to have some basic credentials so you know what I’m saying has a bit...

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Calculating Daily Macronutrients For Weight Loss

We’ve talked before about calculating calories for weight loss, which involves finding what your Base Metabolic Rate calorie consumption is, adjusting it for your activity level, then applying a deficit of between 10-30 percent. Assuming you’ve already calculated your calorie target to lose weight, the next step is to figure out the Macronutrient profile FOR that caloric target. This allows you to figure out a meal plan and actually eat the food needed to fulfill those nutrients and reach your calorie target for the day so you can lose weight. What are Macronutrients? Before we start, quick definition of...

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How To Count Meal Calories

One of the best skills you can develop when it comes to nutrition is the ability to count and measure calories in your food. I’m not just talking reading the nutritional labels on the back of food packages you seen in the store, but the ability to look at your meal and determine the rough amount of calories the meal comprises and the macro break down of carbs, fat, and protein. Why is this a useful ability? Here are three good reasons: 1. Keeping Your Calorie Target For Weight Loss: The obvious one is to keep your meal calories...

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