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Clinching Arm Trap to Knee Technique ft. Petchboonchu

While there are a lot of clinching techniques that involve throws, there are some techniques that are used to establish a dominant kneeing position. If you can put your opponent in a vulnerable position and hold him there, that can be more devastating than a sweep. Even though good sweeps look more spectacular, a good knee inside the clinch will score you points and can cause more damage to your opponent. Sweeps are more embarrassing to a fighter, but they do not hurt when you get thrown on the ground. A big part of clinching is the constant battle for a...

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Training (Running, Lifting, Fight Training)

Bluetooth earbuds for running can give you coaching, music, or a combination of both right in your ear while doing your exercise. The right earbuds will also make it more comfortable to have something in your ear and reduce the chance having them fall out while you are running. There are a variety of earbuds that stay in your ears by themselves, with wires that sit on the back of your neck, or with an over the ear design. These wireless earbuds give you a variety of options so you find the ones that are most comfortable for you....

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Weightlifting Shoes (for Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Crossfit, and Strength Training)

It used to be that if you needed to do something ‘active’, you would lace up your running shoes or a good pair of Chuck Taylor’s and that would be that — shoe problem solved. Enter 2016 and a hell of a lot has changed since then, especially when it comes to workout shoes. The market, or whatever forces are driving the hyperspecialization of products that cater to every niche, have determined that running shoes and Chuck’s — the staple workout shoes of yesteryear — are no longer good enough. Crossfit and a cultural obsession for pursuing fitness has...

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Ultimate Guide to Heart Rate Training: How to Use a Heart Rate Monitor

This is part one of our Ultimate Guide to Heart Rate Training for Fighters, a series of articles that covers exactly how to improve your conditioning work for MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ (and other sports) by using a heart rate monitor. Here are the upcoming articles in this new series that will be published. How to Use a Heart Rate Monitor 101 (THIS article) Should You Train Anaerobically or Aerobically? How to Track Your Conditioning Progress with a Heart Rate Monitor Cardiac Output Training: Building Your Aerobic Base Improving Maximum Aerobic Power: VO2 Max Training Improving Aerobic Power...

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The Strength Training for Muay Thai Guide

There’s a lot of information about strength training for MMA right now, but very little in the way of Strength Training for Muay Thai out there. These article I wrote back in 2014 has been one of the more popular articles on our site. As of 2017, I’ve updated this article. Strength Training has an important, yet often under utilized, place in your Muay Thai training, no matter if you are just training for fun, fitness, or to fight. There’s a number of reasons why you might want to do strength training a couple times a week.   You can...

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