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Ultimate Guide to the Best Heart Rate Monitors (UPDATED 2017)

There’s dozens, even hundreds, of heart rate monitors available on the market right now. However, not all heart rate monitors are the same. I’ve owned and been using various heart rate monitors for years and it’s a tool that I personally find very effective in my own training. However, the difference between a good heart rate monitor that makes it easy to track your training progress, and a bad heart rate monitor means, for many people, the difference between actually using the device or not. And trust me here: you want to use a heart rate monitor because it can...

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Jump (Skipping) Ropes (2017 Edition)

I’m a HUGE fan of the jump rope (aka the ‘skipping rope’). So helping people find the best jump rope possible is something I’m interested in because it’s a topic I’m interested in myself and one I’ve spent a lot of time answering in my own search for the perfect skipping rope. I strongly feel jump rope training one of the best exercises out there. Not only does it build up your overall aerobic fitness, you can target specific conditioning like aerobic threshold work, Vo2 Max, and so on. Even better, while also working your conditioning, you can improve your...

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Conditioning 101: How to Dramatically Improve Your Aerobic Fitness (so you never gas out)

Welcome to my 9000 word guide on how to completely transform your aerobic fitness — the base fitness that allows you to recover quicker, go longer, and be more powerful during training, fighting, and sparring. Make sure you read my Intro to Energy Systems article — you’ll likely need it to understand how this all works. However, writing about energy systems and how to train them is complex — it’s not an easy topic to explain, teach, or even put into practice, and there are many different approaches and theories about how to go about it, with each theory...

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Wrestling Shoes (2017 Edition)

Wrestling shoes have seen a burgeoning popularity the past decade thanks in part to the popularity of MMA. The rise of MMA has also brought along the rise of wrestling; the success that wrestling has played at being one of the more effective combat arts in MMA has helped to increase the sport’s reach. The side effect is that wrestling shoes have become a popular shoe for both wrestlers, MMA, and for general training activities that require a strong connection between the foot, the toes, and the floor. You’ll see people wearing wrestling shoes for boxing, weight lifting, cross...

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best MMA Gloves (2017 Edition)

If you ever plan on competing in MMA, one of the most important pieces of equipment you will own are MMA gloves. And besides a mouthguard, your gloves are the only protection you will have while in the ring. While Boxing gloves are mostly worn during heavier sparring sessions, MMA gloves are used when you are working on MMA sparring and grappling…and of course while fighting MMA matches. When you spar with MMA gloves on, it is a completely experience than with boxing gloves on. The difference in reach, timing, finger maneuverability, and padding is why it is very important for people who train...

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