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Author: Stephen

Muay Thai Workout From Home – How to Survive the Quarantine

In the past month, businesses around the world have closed down due to the coronavirus. With most local governments doing everything possible to promote social distancing, training at a gym is nearly impossible. Even though you might not have access to a pad holder, heavy bag or even training equipment, there is no reason why you can’t keep up your training while you are in lockdown. The only thing you need for a good Muay Thai workout is enough space to throw kicks and ideally a mirror so you can see see your technique. The living room usually is...

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Muay Thai Fighting Styles Explained – The 6 Styles You Will Encounter

Have you ever wondered why some Muay Thai fighters look so dominant in the ring, yet when they face certain opponents they look like a completely different fighter? The old Boxing adage that styles make fights is especially true in the world of Muay Thai. To the untrained eye, fighting comes down to size, strength, and grit. People will often bet on the bigger, stronger, scarier looking fighter if they don’t know anything about either fighter. Appearances can be very misleading, which is how gamblers at local Muay Thai stadiums can hustle foreigners who bet on the fights in...

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On Fighting in Rajadamnern – What It’s Like to Fight in Thailand’s Top Stadium

The following post was written by Matt Lucas. Matt is a Muay Thai fighter, manager, journalist, and author who has been in the game for nearly a decade. He works as a commentator at Max Muay Thai and has connections to all the top stadiums in Thailand. In the mornings, before the sun rises over Bangkok, before the meager rays try to cut through the smug of the capital, the boxers shuffle into the arena. The stadium is the mecca for Muay Thai and since it’s doors have opened thousands of boxers have performed. All the fighter names, weights...

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The 12 Types of Muay Thai Training Camps (Gyms) in Thailand

When you first start researching where to train in Thailand, it can be very overwhelming. If you do a search for Muay Thai in Thailand on Google, the first gym that will pop up is Tiger Muay Thai. Does that mean Tiger is the best camp in Thailand? Of course not. It just means they have the best marketing in the business. The goal of this article is to help you identify the different types of Muay Thai gyms in Thailand and decide what gym is best for you. If you send me a message and ask for a...

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5 Things That Will Make You Uncomfortable When You Fight in Thailand

Having a Muay Thai fight in Thailand is a right of passage for most Nak Muays. Whether you plan on being a world champion, or just want to test yourself, fighting in Thailand is something that you should consider at some point in your journey. While you can do a lot of things to prepare yourself for the ring, there are some things that will make you feel uncomfortable no matter what. This article is going to break down specific things that will make you feel uncomfortable in your first fight. #1. Slippery Opponents Before you step into the...

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