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Best Muay Thai T-Shirts – A 2019 Collection

When it comes to Muay Thai style, having the right t-shirt can showcase your passion for the sport. For those of you that are looking to find a good t-shirt for training or casual wear outside of the gym, we have you covered. MTP Fight Gear has come out with a number of different Muay Thai tees that have been used by the pros around the world. From cut-off shirts that are made from micro-fiber material, to cotton tees that can be used for casual wear, MTP has a style for everyone. When it comes to finding the right Muay Thai T-Shirt, it is important to choose products that will last. Choosing Tees made from high-quality microfiber material or cotton will ensure that they don’t rip and can survive the rigor of training. The following is a list of the Top Muay Thai Tees that will showcase your passion for the sport. #1. Eat, Sleep, Breathe, Muay Thai Tees If you are looking to showcase your love of Muay Thai, you should check out the MTP Eat Sleep Breathe Tees and cutoffs. These shirts are hot sellers that have been used by people all over the world. If you like to wear tees while training you can go with the full tee shirt or if you love to have freedom of movement you can rock the cutoff shirt. Both...

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Why You Shouldn’t Make Excuses When You Lose a Fight

When it comes to fighting, you will win and you will lose. Unless you are in the sport of Boxing, where they pick and choose opponents to ensure that fighters can maintain perfect records, you are going to suffer losses. If you follow fighters on social media, you will notice a lot of them will always give themselves credit for their hard work and dedication when they win, and disqualify their losses using some excuse as to why they lost. Yes, a lot of fighters tend to be narcissistic and entitled, believing the world revolves around them. (This may...

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5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Better at Muay Thai

One of the reasons why Muay Thai is such an amazing sport is because of the individual growth that you experience from the beginning to the end. When you first start training, progress happens slowly because everything you do is new. You have to build your foundation before you can start building the house. After a few months of training, suddenly things start clicking and becoming easier. I wrote an article that talked about the 3 stages of Muay Thai development. In the article, I talked about the early slow beginning period of Muay Thai when learning is slow...

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How to Fix Your Muay Thai Kick – Learn to Turn Your Hips with these 3 Drills

When I first came to Thailand, I struggled a lot with the basics. The problem was that I had already trained for years in MMA and Karate when I was a kid. This meant that I had developed MANY bad habits that would take years to try and undo. The hardest adjustment I had to make was learning how to turn over my hips when I kicked. Years of bad habits developed before I came to Thailand, were extremely difficult to break. Even to this day, there are a few bad habits I still have, that I have to...

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Video Breakdown: 4 Offensive Skills High Level Muay Thai Fighters Possess

Have you ever wondered what separates the best Muay Thai fighters from the rest? While there are a number of things that go into creating the perfect fighter, Muay Thai fighters that possess high level striking skills are extremely difficult to beat. While some fighters possess heavy hands, strong clinching, and a relentless pace, the technical fighters often possess specific traits that make them elite strikers. Even though these fighters can be beat, they are the most beautiful to watch because of their mastery of the art of striking. In the following video, I breakdown specific skills that the...

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