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Muay Thai Arm Lock Throw from the Clinch ft. Petchboonchu

When it comes to clinch fighters, Petchboonchu is arguably one of the best clinch fighters of all time. He is one of the most decorated fighters in history, having won multiple Lumpinee, Rajadamnern and Thailand titles. He was a fighter that always pressed forward locking his opponents down. One of the reasons why Petchboonchu was so successful in the clinch was his endless cardio, constant forward pressure, and ability to lock down his opponents. Once Petchboonchu put his arms around your neck, you were not going anywhere. To succeed in the clinch, you need to have good timing, balance,...

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From Muay Thai to Bare Knuckle Boxing – An Interview with Eddie Farrell

One combat sport that has always taken a backseat to Muay Thai is the Burmese art of Lethwei. The reason why Lethwei has remained a niche sport is because of its brutality. Lethwei is as close to real street fighting as you can get. Lethwei is a form of bare knuckle boxing that utilizes headbutts and doesn’t use judges. In Lethwei, you either win by a knockout or the fight is a draw. Even if you are dominating your opponent, there are no judges to award you a win. This makes Lethwei fighters hunt for knockouts, rather than sit back and...

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From Muay Thai Champion to MMA Fighter – An Interview with Dejdamrong

If you want to see an MMA fighter who displays beautiful Muay Thai striking skills, Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke is the best in the world. When it comes to Muay Thai credentials, nobody can surpass his impressive resume.  Throughout his career Dejdamrong amassed over 300 + Muay Thai fights, holding 3 Lumpinee titles in two different weight divisions. After retiring from Muay Thai at the age of 35, Dejdamrong decided to pursue a career in MMA at the world class Evolve MMA training center located in Singapore. He has adapted his Muay Thai game to the world of MMA, utilizing a lot of low...

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Why You Shouldn’t Train When You Are Sick or Have an Infection

When you are in a training groove, taking a few days off is hard. All that hard work you put into getting in peak shape is suddenly at risk the moment you come down with something. While you may be tempted to train through your illness, you must remember that you are training in a group environment. If you show up at the gym when you are sick with something contagious, you run the risk of getting other people sick. Nobody wants to train with someone who can get them sick. While people can train through a cold if you...

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Learn How to Defend Against Clinch Entry with Petchboonchu

One of the important skills every Muay Thai fighter needs to develop is clinch defense. Good clinchers can make your life hell with their constant pressure and ability to lock you down in the clinch. For this reason, it is important to understand how to prevent the clincher from getting into the clinch. If you can prevent the clincher from getting inside the clinch, you will be able to maintain the advantage throughout the fight as your opponent desperately tries to gain clinch entry. This will often result in your opponent getting sloppy, which can open them up for...

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