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The Problem with Glory Kickboxing – A Muay Thai Fighter’s Rant

  Disclosure: Yes, I did watch the last Glory event and the fights were very good. This is not a rant against Glory as a promotion. I personally think they are doing a great job of getting MMA fans interested into kickboxing events. Glory is full of talented fighters that put on extremely exciting fights. This is my beef with some of the rules that need to change. As much as I love watching the Glory kickboxing event, some of the rules need to be changed to be more inclusive of Muay Thai fighters. Every time I watch a...

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12 Signs You’ve Been Living In Thailand For Too Long

When most people first arrive in Thailand, they are often taken back by the amazing culture, the “Thai hospitality,” and the beauty of the country. Whether it’s the amazing food, unique culture, stunning landscapes, or cheap prices, there is always something that hooks most people into wanting to stay longer. Just like any newly formed relationship, once you get over that honeymoon period, those cute quirks that you once thought were cute will start to annoy you after a while. If you have stayed long enough, you will come across articles like, “21 signs you’ve been in Thailand too long”...

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Short vs Tall: Techniques that are Effective Against Shorter Opponents

In our last article entitled, “Short vs Tall: Maximizing Height and Reach Advantages in Muay Thai,” we discussed some specific advantages that taller fighters have against shorter opponents. We came to the conclusion that the clinch is the best place to exploit a significant height advantage in a fight. This article offers specific techniques that can be effective for taller fighters who have reach advantages against their opponents. If you happen to be a taller fighter,  these techniques can help you maximize some of that reach advantage that you have. It is important to remember that a diverse offense is the best offense. Just because...

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Muay Thai “Fighter of the Year” Winners From Past to Present

In Muay Thai the most prestigious honor a fighter can receive is the Sports Writers Association of Thailand Fighter of the Year award. This is an award that is voted on every year to determine who was the best fighter in Thailand during that year. To win the Fighter of the year award is the Muay Thai equivalent to winning an Oscar for Best Actor at the academy awards. It is a huge accomplishment and something that every fighter dreams of accomplishing one day. Given the fact that there are tens of thousands of fighters throughout Thailand competing in matches...

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Find the Right Muay Thai Trainer – 5 Things to Look For

The relationship some people develop with their trainer in Muay Thai is something that is often unbreakable. Years of hard work and dedication at the gym, often turn a teacher/student relationship into a long lasting friendship. The sweat, blood, and tears that are shed in the Muay Thai rings and training will further help to cement the relationship that is developed over time. While most people are completely happy with their trainers (ignorance is bliss), not all trainers are created equal. There are some good trainers out there, some bad ones, and some REALLY bad ones. People often feel...

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