If you ever fight a guy who has really good hands, you have to be extra careful that your guard is always up. Good fighters will take advantage of openings and the results can often lead to being caught with some hard punches.

An effective technique that is often used by heavy handed fighters is to let a kick land and then come back with a hard strike before your opponent has a chance to reset their defense. This is a move that requires a trigger reaction to ensure that you don’t allow your opponent to reset their defense.

I happened to witness this move in person at the local Rawai stadium.  Luckily I ended up grabbing a video of this technique being used to perfection.

Check out the video below.

[youtube id=”ghQP8M0UEaA”]

The fighter in red is Mungkornpet, who is one of the better fighters in Phuket. He is known for his good boxing skills and has a lot of knockouts in his career.

Final Thoughts

In Muay Thai it is important to know your opponent and understand what they want to do in the fight. If you fight a heavy hitter you can probably guess they are going to try to land big shots against you. Conversely, if you are against a skill fighter they probably want to fight at a distance and outpoint you.

By knowing what type of fighter your opponent is, it will prepare you for techniques they might try to use against you. When you see your opponent is hunting for that knockout punch, you will need to be a little more cautious in the fight and take less risks.

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