The body lock is a common clinching position that is commonly used to tie up an opponent. If you are facing an opponent who is overwhelming you with knees, the body lock can help neutralize their assault. Additionally, when you have your opponent in a body lock you can execute a number of throws to dump them on the ground.

In this week’s edition of training with champions, Muay Thai champion Nong-O from Evolve MMA shows me the basic body lock throw that you can use when you have someone locked up. This is a clinching throw that is very effective if you use it correctly.

The video below gives a breakdown of the Body Lock throw from the clinch:

Technique Breakdown

The key to any throw is to make sure that your hips are tight to your opponent. If you don’t have your hips close to your opponent it will make it very difficult to pick them up and toss them. Once your hips are tight to your opponent you can easily lift them up, twist your hips and toss.

Another important thing to look out for is making sure that you have your arms locked around the mid section of your opponent. If you try to lock them too high up (below your opponent’s arm), you will have a harder time lifting them up and throwing them. Remember that you want to have a low center of gravity which can allow you to easily do the hip throw.

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The defense against the body lock is to create space from the hips, which will allow for an escape. When you have someone in a body lock you want to prevent them from dropping their hips down and opening up that gap. Keeping your hands tightly squeezed right below your opponent’s rib cage will make it difficult for them to gain separation.

It is important to remember that you won’t have a long period of time in this position. If you are inactive in the clinch the referee will separate you after a few seconds. This means you need to execute this technique in timely matter.

While you may practice this technique without gloves on, it is important to get used to working on your throws with Muay Thai gloves. Additionally, make sure you practice this throw against guys who are all oiled up and slippery to help simulate an oiled opponent in a fight.

Final Thoughts

This body lock hip toss is an excellent technique to use against an aggressive opponent or someone who keeps trying to come in close. Whenever they get into your range you can lock them up and quickly toss them, resetting the clinch.

This is a bread and butter move that many Thai fighters utilize on a regular basis. I definitely recommend you work on your body lock throws the next time you are clinching.

Special thanks to Nong-O for demonstrating this clinching technique. If you want to train with Nong-O you can check him out over at Evolve vacation and book a private with him.