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Yesterday’s K-1 Max finals between Buakaw Banchamek vs Enriko Kehl was one of the most bizarre things I have witnessed in a long time.

From the start of the fight, it didn’t look like Buakaw was on his game. While he continually threw flying knees and caught Enriko’s kicks to dump him, he wasn’t playing a game to score points. Rarely did Buakaw kick throughout the fight as he was just pushing forward the entire fight to show his dominance against his opponent. Even though he wasn’t doing much, I think the general assumption was that he did enough to win the title.

Needless to say, after 3 rounds of back and forth, mainly Buakaw dumping his opponent on the floor (this doesn’t score points in K-1 rules) the fight was ruled a draw and had to go to an extension round. The moment the fight was ruled a draw the camera zooms into Enriko’s corner and it shows him showing frustration and obviously complaining about something that is not present in the camera angle. After a few minutes of suspense, the announcer informs that crowd that Buakaw has left the building and has thus forfeited the match. Giving Enriko Kehl the win by forfeit.

I watched this whole fiasco play out live on Thai TV and I had a lot of WTF! moments throughout. Buakaw didn’t look like he wanted to be in the ring. Something was off with him, Buakaw has fought K-1 rules numerous times and knows the rules. Yet he was still going for techniques that obviously wouldn’t score points for the judges. It was almost like Buakaw was trying to throw the performance because he didn’t care. Apparently he had left the ring and building before the Draw verdict was even read.

Another bizarre result in the world of Kickboxing.

***Update*** The Thai news has reported this about the recent Buakaw controversy in the K-1 Max Final: 

“K-1 Introduces betting for the final

It said that there was a gamble website going on here and K-1 was the one organizing that gambling website. Buakaw already gave informations to the police in Thailand before the fight began and he mentioned that if it was a draw, he would not fight the extended round because that means the result was locked.
If it is a draw, K-1 will get most profit from the gambling because most of people already bet that Buakaw would win in 3 rounds

Moreover, Buakaw had problems with K1 last week. They decided to bring referees from Canada, Japan with new rules … The person who represent K1 in Thailand is the old former press secretary of Buakaw. She wanted him to win by KO otherwise he would lose.

Source: Krongsak Officiel”

Here is a short clip of the post fight action that took place:


Complete K-1 Max Pattaya Results:

Enriko Kehl (Germany) def. Buakaw Banchamek (Thailand) via Forfeit – As I stated above, this was one of the most bizarre endings to a fight that I have ever witnessed.

Paul “Semtex” Daley (England) def. Mohammed Ghaedibardeh (Iran) via Decision – This was a fight that showcased one of the more celebrated MMA strikers going in the ring against a relatively unknown fighter from Iran. Although they were the same weight, Daley’s opponent had a big height advantage, while he had the size and power. I was extremely impressed by Mohammed in the first round as Daley didn’t land a single strike on the Iranian fighter. However, once Daley pushed into him in the second and third round, he found his punching range and dropped Mohammed three times in the fight, giving him the win on points.

Maximo Suarez (Spain) def. Tural Bayramov (Azerbaijan) via TKO (Injured elbow) – Both fighters were looking good in the first round, but something definitely happened to Tural in that round that caused him a lot of pain. The second round only lasted a few moments as Tural gave up due to the injury.

Andre “Dida” Amade (Brazil) def. Li Yanjun (China) via Decision – This was another strange fight to watch. While Andre was clearly winning the fight the first two rounds, in the third round of the fight he decided to run away from the Chinese fighter and then attack while Li came forward. He was warned by the ref because he was not engaging in the third round, only jumping in and running out.

Lee Sung-Hyun (Korea) def. Andrei Kulebin (Belarus) via. Decision Extension Round

Rungravee Sasiprapa  (Thailand) def. Denic Puric (Canada) via. Decision

Fight Videos:

Enriko Kehl vs. Buakaw Banchamek.



Paul “Semtex” Daley vs.  Mohammed Ghaedibardeh


Andre “Dida” Amade vs. Li Yanjun


Maximo Suarez vs. Tural Bayramov