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Introducing Our New Brand: MTP Fight Gear

MTP Fight Gear is a brand created by Muay Thai Pros dedicated to providing quality Thai Boxing equipment and apparel to people who care about quality and design. We focus on products that reflect a passion for Muay Thai with a sense of style. Our gear philosophy is to craft a no-frills, minimalist style that reflects a traditional Thai design yet crafted with the meticulous style and attention to detail that’s made Thai-made Muay Thai gloves famous around the world. From our classic Dry Fit tees that showcase your love of Muay Thai to our stylish Thai Boxing shorts, to our...

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From Muay Thai to Bare Knuckle Boxing – An Interview with Eddie Farrell

One combat sport that has always taken a backseat to Muay Thai is the Burmese art of Lethwei. The reason why Lethwei has remained a niche sport is because of its brutality. Lethwei is as close to real street fighting as you can get. Lethwei is a form of bare knuckle boxing that utilizes headbutts and doesn’t use judges. In Lethwei, you either win by a knockout or the fight is a draw. Even if you are dominating your opponent, there are no judges to award you a win. This makes Lethwei fighters hunt for knockouts, rather than sit back and...

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From Muay Thai Champion to MMA Fighter – An Interview with Dejdamrong

If you want to see an MMA fighter who displays beautiful Muay Thai striking skills, Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke is the best in the world. When it comes to Muay Thai credentials, nobody can surpass his impressive resume.  Throughout his career Dejdamrong amassed over 300 + Muay Thai fights, holding 3 Lumpinee titles in two different weight divisions. After retiring from Muay Thai at the age of 35, Dejdamrong decided to pursue a career in MMA at the world class Evolve MMA training center located in Singapore. He has adapted his Muay Thai game to the world of MMA, utilizing a lot of low...

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Peankon Wins Sports Authority of Thailand Fighter of the Year

Every year the ministry of sports authority comes together to award the most accomplish Muay Thai fighter in that particular year. To win the Sports Authority of Thailand fighter of the year award, you need to have a very good winning record and fight at the highest levels. This is the second most notable award given to Muay Thai fighters, the first being the sports writers top fighter of the year. While not all fighters go undefeated, a very strong winning record against tough competition is a clear indication that a fighter is doing well. This year Peankon Tor.Surath (ปืนกล ต.สุรัตน์)...

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Japanese Fighter Knocks Out Muay Thai Champion with Amazing Kick

Every once in a while you see a fight that completely blows your mind. This fight between Tenshin and Wanchalong showcased a talented Japanese fighter vs. the Lumpinee champion. Known for his aggression, this was a fight that I expected Wanchalong to take from the start. Tenshin vs. Wanchalong – Skip to 9 minute mark for KO Thanks to Himemoto Kakeru for posting the fight Thoughts on the fight: This may be the first time I’ve seen a Lumpinee Champion being knocked out by a foreigner. I know there are a lot of retired and ex champions who are past their...

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