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In Pursuit of Muay Thai Perfection – An Interview with Tee Jay

Every once in a while you hear about someone who has bucked the modern day trend in pursuit of something special. While society tells us that we have to work the 9-5 job and be like everyone else, there are some people who decide to forge their own path forward in life. Tee Jay is one of these people. Tee Jay’s story is quite incredible. Tee Jay is a true martial artists who has dedicated his life to achieving greatness. He is a high IQ fighter who is constantly learning and evolving his game to continuously improve. Read the...

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An Interview with Australia’s Rising Muay Thai Star Chadd Collins

In the past few years, Chadd Collins has blown up in the international Muay Thai scene. Chadd has taken on plenty of big names from Thailand and racked up some impressive victories in his short career. When Chadd fought the legendary Saenchai, he used his aggressive style and gas tank to wear down the legend. Even though Saenchai won the 3 round fight, Saenchai looked gassed by the end of the fight. If the fight was a full 5 round fight under Thai rules, the results could have easily been different. Chadd Collins represents a new generation of young Australian...

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From Muay Thai to Bare Knuckle Boxing – An Interview with Eddie Farrell

One combat sport that has always taken a backseat to Muay Thai is the Burmese art of Lethwei. The reason why Lethwei has remained a niche sport is because of its brutality. Lethwei is as close to real street fighting as you can get. Lethwei is a form of bare knuckle boxing that utilizes headbutts and doesn’t use judges 그런 사랑 다운로드. In Lethwei, you either win by a knockout or the fight is a draw. Even if you are dominating your opponent, there are no judges to award you a win. This makes Lethwei fighters hunt for knockouts, rather than...

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From Muay Thai Champion to MMA Fighter – An Interview with Dejdamrong

If you want to see an MMA fighter who displays beautiful Muay Thai striking skills, Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke is the best in the world. When it comes to Muay Thai credentials, nobody can surpass his impressive resume.  Throughout his career Dejdamrong amassed over 300 + Muay Thai fights, holding 3 Lumpinee titles in two different weight divisions. After retiring from Muay Thai at the age of 35, Dejdamrong decided to pursue a career in MMA at the world class Evolve MMA training center located in Singapore G5 Sim. He has adapted his Muay Thai game to the world of MMA, utilizing a lot...

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From Learning Languages to Muay Thai Fighting – An Interview with Charlie

Ever since graduating University, Charlie has been on a journey of self discovery. Also known as the Linguist Monk, Charlie is a modern nomad who has been traveling the world for the past few years learning languages, training martial arts and eating a whole lot of good food along the way. In order to make his money go even farther, Charlie has learned the art of budgeting. Charlie has been able to live off $3.50 a day on food and shares some good money saving tips for people looking to stay long term. In this interview with Charlie, he talks about some of the similarities between learning languages...

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