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Highlight and Interview of Female Fighter Vicky Fung from Canada

When it comes to Muay Thai fighters, Victoria Fung, better known has Vicky Fung, is probably the least stereotypical fighter you could imagine. If you didn’t know Vicky, you would probably think that she was a University student (technically she started that way) who was doing a bit of training in Thailand. However, when it comes to Muay Thai, Vicky is a fighter who has mastered the art of Thai style of fighting.   Vicky is one of those few people in life who are very humble and never brags about anything she has accomplished. Even though she has had nearly...

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My Muay Thai Story – Jacky Chiu

Hey, my name is Jacky (Fighting name: Jacky Chuwatana). I was born in Hong Kong, but spent most of my life in a UK boarding school since the age of 13. When I finished university, I moved to Thailand in pursuit of my Muay Thai dreams. I have trained at a number of gyms in Thailand, including a year at Chuwatana, fighting in the famous Ratchadamnern multiple times. Training in Thailand was not only a life changing experience mentally, it was a physical transformation as well. Over the course of a few years training in Thailand I would go...

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My Muay Thai Journey – Stephen Kong

When you think of a fighter, the first image that probably comes to mind is someone who was born tough. The kid who grew up fighting on the playground, who loved fighting. I am not that person. Growing up as a kid I was always scared of getting into fights. I did a brief stint in Karate for a few years because my dad signed me up, but I never enjoyed it. I spent most of my childhood/teenage years doing one of two things: playing basketball or playing video games. I was a prototypical nerd, except I didn’t look the part. I...

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About Me – Ben

My name is Ben, and I have a problem. I’m addicted you see, addicted to fitness, addicted to Muay Thai,  and addicted to Boxing. It’s a problem that I can’t stop talking about, a problem that I’ll be sharing quite a lot with you, if you stick around this site. If you are reading this then I guess it means you want to know who I am and more importantly, what I’ve done. On the internet where anyone can say anything about everything, it’s good to have some basic credentials so you know what I’m saying has a bit...

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