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Battle of Muay Thai Superstars in Kunlun Fight – Sittichai vs. Superbon

When it comes to stand up striking there is no better art than Muay Thai. Muay Thai offers the complete package when it comes to dealing damage to an opponent. Fighters who come from Kickboxing backgrounds have no chance in the ring if you put them against Muay Thai fighters under Muay Thai rules. To help balance the scales, some of the bigger fight organizations like Glory and Kunlun Fight use Kickboxing rules which prevent the use of elbows and severely limit clinching. As you would expect, by removing two major weapons from Muay Thai fighters, it helps balance the fights between Kickboxers and Muay...

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Fight of the Week: Sangmanee vs. Panpayak

While I have been featuring Littewada Sitthikul a lot recently, another favorite fighter of mine is Sagmanee Sor Tienpo. The last time I showcased Sangmanee on this blog he ended up losing to his opponent in a bloody war. After that loss, I expected Sangmanee to come back stronger and more prepared for his next opponent. If you want to learn about Sangmanee’s story you can read this article HERE Recently, Sangmanee was matched up against Panpayak Jitmuangnon. Panpayak has been awarded the Thailand Fighter of the year award for three consecutive years. This is an award that only the best...

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Pornsanae Sitmonchai Lands Dream Job at Evolve MMA – Retires from Fighting

Recent news coming out of Evolve MMA in Singapore is that Pornsanae Sitmonchai has officially joined their team of Muay Thai trainers. “BREAKING NEWS: Multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion and Muay Thai Legend Pornsanae Sitmonchai has officially joined Evolve MMA!” – Evolve MMA For those of you who didn’t already know, Muay Thai fighters/trainers in Thailand make peanuts. This is the main reason why Pornsanae has continued to fight, even after a string of bad knockout losses. Most Thai fighters have a few weeks/months of savings before they are broke after fighting. In Thailand, it is common to see superstars fade into obscurity when...

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Aikpracha Suffers Another KO Loss in Kickboxing

The last 3 months have not been good for Muay Thai champion Aikpracha Meeayothin. Since retiring from Muay Thai and moving over to Kickboxing, Aikpracha has suffered his 3rd straight loss in a row, with 2 of them being knockout losses. This has been a growing trend of top level Muay Thai fighters switching over to Kickboxing because of the money. Make sure you read this article on Simon Marcus making the switch into Kickboxing: Simon Marcus Suffers Another KO Loss in Kickboxing Even though Aikpracha is a world class Muay Thai fighter, when you take away his clinch and...

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Glory 19 Full Fight Results and Recap

Glory 19 was a fight card that was stacked with some of the best fighters in the world of Kickboxing. Right now Glory is by far the most lucrative promotion for stand up fighters around the world. Their recent fight card featured some great highlight reel knockouts, unfortunately many of which were not available for the live TV audience. The main event of the Glory card was a 4 man welterweight tournament that was the highlight of the show. In the first round of the tournament, Raymond Daniels finished his opponent Jonotan Oliveira with his trade mark spinning back kicks in the second...

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