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Category: Style Comparisons

Boxing For Muay Thai: Boxing vs Muay Thai (Everything You Should Know)

Boxing and Muay Thai share some similarities, but there are just as many differences between the two sports. Muay Thai includes some elements of boxing. But. You can’t fight like a boxer when you switch to Muay Thai or bad things happen.  I’ve actually seen pure Russian boxers (who take Muay Thai training for a couple weeks while in Thailand) jump into a pro Muay Thai match down here and get absolutely annihilated by the other guy who would viciously leg kick the poor boxer at will. Note, this is the first in my three part Boxing for Muay...

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Kickboxing vs Muay Thai: Same Same But Different

  While many people think that Kickboxing and Muay Thai are very similar, in terms of technique and fighting styles, they are in many ways, completely different. Although there are universal techniques that are shared between the sports, the implementation varies depending on the sport and the individual fighter. Muay Thai, in broad terms, fits under the category of ‘Kickboxing’ though there are more differences than there are similarities. The most common way to explain Muay Thai to somebody is to say “it’s kickboxing with elbows and knees.” Unfortunately, that is like saying Kickboxing is Karate without a Gi....

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Fight Breakdown: Superlek vs Pornsanae (Skill vs Power)

In Muay Thai there is a constant battle between skill vs power. Fighters that can strike the perfect balance of skill and power can rise to the top of the ranks. This fight between Superlek and Pornsanae demonstrates a classic example of a technical fighter vs an aggressive fighter who goes out with guns blazing Cad Hatch. While Sitmonchai’s style has been effective throughout his career, there are certain downsides to being an aggressive fighter. In Thailand, most fighters prefer to use technique over power. It is considered more glorious to win a close fight on points over winning with a KO. Fighters who fight...

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Muay Thai vs MMA: The Differences

In our first article, Muay Thai for MMA: Introduction, we introduced our Muay Thai for MMA series by looking at some of the Muay Thai techniques used in MMA and examined WHY these techniques don’t look the same as found in pure Muay Thai. This is PART 2 of 6 of my new Muay Thai for MMA series. This series will consist of six articles: Muay Thai for MMA: Introduction (Part 1) Muay Thai vs MMA: The Differences (Part 2) Muay Thai For MMA: Effective Elbow Strikes for MMA (Part 3) Muay Thai For MMA: Landing the Low Kick...

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Kickboxing vs Muay Thai – The Fight that Changed History

Before the 1980s Muay Thai was a relatively unknown sport to people who never visited Thailand. Back in the day, sports like Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate, and other traditional martial arts dominated the scene in North America. These were the years before the UFC when every Martial artist believed that their style was the most effective art. People legitimately believed (and some still do) that 70-year-old Grand Karate Masters could take on 10 fighters at once Smart Editor. Read our full article on Kickboxing vs Muay Thai – Same Same but Different HERE During this period in North America, American Kickboxing was...

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