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Why You Shouldn’t Train When You Are Sick or Have an Infection

When you are in a training groove, taking a few days off is hard. All that hard work you put into getting in peak shape is suddenly at risk the moment you come down with something. While you may be tempted to train through your illness, you must remember that you are training in a group environment. If you show up at the gym when you are sick with something contagious, you run the risk of getting other people sick. Nobody wants to train with someone who can get them sick. While people can train through a cold if you...

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Training Adventures at 96 Peenang (Priewvayo) Muay Thai Gym

I’ve trained at a lot of Muay Thai gyms over the years, but none quite as unique as 96 Peenang. If you are the type of person who likes your gyms clean, maintained and English speaking, you probably won’t like it here. However, if you can get past the dirty floors and the run-down equipment, the training here can be good. While I was training, there were 4 Thai fighters my size that I got to clinch with. My main clinching partner was Sangpeenoi 96 Peenang, a talented fighter who was previously ranked #2 in Lumpinee/Raja. At 23 years of age,...

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The Ultimate Guide to Holding Muay Thai Pads – Pad Holding 101

One aspect of training people often doesn’t discuss is the important role of the pad holder. Having a lot of good pad holders at a gym can improve the overall level of everyone training. Every good pad holder at a gym is an asset that will make everyone better. A good pad holder is independent of any instructor. They have been trained to use their brains when they hold pads and don’t need to be told what to do. This level of fluency is only acquired through experience and practice. Pad holding is a skill just like sparring; the more...

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Learning To Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused on Your Fundamentals

We live in a world that is filled with distractions. The moment you pick up your phone in the morning, you are bombarded with social media algorithms that are programmed to distract you. For Muay Thai fanatics, this is a good thing. You can follow several different blogs and have a constant stream of new Muay Thai content to satisfy your never-ending desire for all things Muay Thai. When I first started training Muay Thai back in 2006, I remember scrolling through YouTube and looking up all the how-to tutorials online. I get what it feels like to want to soak...

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Learning to Become More Fluid and Less Predictable in Muay Thai

One thing that separates experienced elite Thai fighters apart from Western fighters is their fluid rhythm in the ring. When you watch a skilled fighter, their offense flows effortlessly. Instead of trying to ‘Impose’ their will on their opponent, they take an adaptive approach that takes into account what their opponent is trying to do. From their offensive strikes, defense, to counter attacks, everything they do flows within the natural pace of the fight. They go wherever the fight takes them. They don’t try to force set combinations or moves, they stay focused in the moment and only worry about what is...

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