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A First Round Strategy for Fighting Muay Thai in Thailand

Fighting in Thailand is a much different experience than the West. Arguably, one of the biggest differences is you often don’t know who you are fighting. The promoter might give you a person’s name, but that name will mean nothing to you unless they already have a reputation in the area. You could be fighting a professional from Russia with 50+ fights, a tuk-tuk driver, or a first-time fighter who has less experience than you. Even when promoters tell you who are fighting, most of the time the opponent is going to be completely different than the person they...

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The 12 Levels of Fighters You Will Encounter in Muay Thai

With thousands of Muay Thai titles and belts given out every year, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out the good from the bad. While foreigners are often handed a trophy every time they compete, in Thailand awards are only handed out to the best fighters. You don’t get a medal for just participating, you get belts for winning real titles. Outside of Thailand, the level of Muay Thai varies from organization to country. Some countries like France, the UK, and Australia have a strong amateur scene that helps develop fighters, while others don’t. It also doesn’t help...

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Muay Thai Reading List: 10 Must Read Articles from 2017

One of the reasons we created Muay Thai Pros back in 2012 was to help bridge the knowledge gap for those we don’t have access to world-class Muay Thai. In the last few years, we have written hundreds of articles ranging from different topics like Strategy, fight breakdowns, training, techniques and gear reviews. While you might not get a chance to read every article we write, there are some core ones that you should read. The following are some of the must-read articles from 2017. Bookmark this page and go through each article on the list when you get...

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How to Beat an Aggressive Fighter – Winning the Mental Battle

One of the most feared opponents in Muay Thai is the aggressive fighter. When you face an aggressive fighter, you better be prepared for war. These guys hit hard and will pressure you the entire fight. Learning to counter aggressive fighters is no easy feat. If you have never fought an aggressive opponent, it will take a few fights for you to become comfortable having someone always in your face throwing strikes at you. As you read this article, it is essential to understand the difference between knowing how to counter someone, and actually being able to pull it...

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The Biggest Advantage of Training in Thailand – Improving Your Clinch

The Muay Thai clinch is the one area that sets Muay Thai apart from other striking disciplines. While elbows and knees are useful, the clinch gives a Muay Thai fighter the most significant advantage against other strikers. Clinching is the reason why the largest striking organizations like Glory and Kunlun Fighting do no allow Muay Thai rules. If clinching was allowed, Muay Thai fighters would quickly dominate the competition (they still do anyway). When I describe clinching to people, I often equate it to the ground game of MMA. Fighters who don’t know how to clinch, are the equivalent...

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