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The 5 Keys to Being Successful in the Muay Thai Clinch

The Muay Thai clinch is by far the hardest aspect of Muay Thai to learn outside of Thailand. Fighters who learn how to thrive in the clinch can gain a huge advantage over their Western opponents. The sad truth is that most people view clinching as grabbing the back of your opponent’s neck, pulling it down and kneeing the the sh*t out of their face. This is one of the unfortunate side effects of watching too much MMA and not enough real Muay Thai. I’ve already written an article that provides an overview of clinching, so if you haven’t read it make sure you check it...

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How to Land Kicks On Your Next Opponent

When you face a Muay Thai fighter that has a good defense, it can almost feel impossible to penetrate their guard. Good defensive fighters have the ability to block most incoming attacks, regardless of what you throw at them. If you face an inexperienced opponent who doesn’t block, landing kicks is pretty straight forward and easy. Throw any strike, and it will probably land.  However, when you face someone who is skilled at blocking, you will need to utilize skill and technique to land your kicks. Make sure you check out our new YouTube channel. We will be adding new videos weekly so make sure...

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The Importance of Working With Different Muay Thai Trainers

One of the deepest connections that you will make in Muay Thai is the relationship with your trainer. This bond is something that grows stronger as you experience the many highs and lows that accompany your Muay Thai journey. While loyalty to your trainer is a good thing, when you reach a certain level it is important to venture out and work with other trainers. While you may initially feel strange working with someone else, there are many benefits to working with different guys. Sometimes in order to break out of a rut, you need a fresh face to help push you harder. This...

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Watch Muay Thai Documentary: Behind the Curtains

If you want to see what it looks like behind the scenes at a Muay Thai event and see some perspective from the fighters, this is a great two part documentary that gives you a different look than the view from the audience. This documentary was produced by Dean John at the latest Muay Thai Grand Prix event that was held in London. Check out the full documentary below: Part 1: Part...

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Why Competing in the Ring Feels so Different than Sparring

Have you ever wondered why some people look great in sparring, but completely flop when it comes to competition? While most people understand that competition is different than training, unless you compete you won’t understand how different it really feels. Rarely, and I mean rarely, do you see a fighter step into the ring for the first time and look like they do in training (it does happen on the rare occasion). What usually happens is wonder why they felt so slow and out of rhythm. The more fights a fighter has, the more comfortable they feel during competition. Fighters who have lots of experience are able to stay relaxed...

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