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Battle of Muay Thai Superstars in Kunlun Fight – Sittichai vs. Superbon

When it comes to stand up striking there is no better art than Muay Thai. Muay Thai offers the complete package when it comes to dealing damage to an opponent. Fighters who come from Kickboxing backgrounds have no chance in the ring if you put them against Muay Thai fighters under Muay Thai rules. To help balance the scales, some of the bigger fight organizations like Glory and Kunlun Fight use Kickboxing rules which prevent the use of elbows and severely limit clinching. As you would expect, by removing two major weapons from Muay Thai fighters, it helps balance the fights between Kickboxers and Muay...

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Watch This Epic Battle Between Sangmanee vs. Thanonchai

  Every once in a while you will see a fight that showcases the essence of real Muay Thai. While other organizations try to bend the rules and make their fighters push forward with aggression so casual fans can see knockouts, the traditional stadiums of Rajadmanern, Lumpinee, and Channel 7 continue to showcase the best Muay Thai fighters on the planet. Muay Thai is an art form. One thing that makes it such a beautiful sport is the contrast in styles. Some fighters like to use skill to win fights, while others are all about going forward with aggression. While...

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Why I Will Never Watch Another THAI FIGHT Show Again

I hate watching Thai Fight. Every time I sit in front of the TV and tune into a Thai fight event I am always left feeling disappointed. I’m not sure whether it’s the annoying commercials that are constantly on repeat, the bastardized rule set that takes away the essence of real Muay Thai or the fact that it’s the same Thai fighters over and over, but something about Thai fight really makes me annoyed. (It’s probably all of the above). Last night there was a special Thai Fight that was put on for the first time in London. Going against my gut...

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Boxing For Muay Thai: How to Use Boxing Effectively in Muay Thai

This is the second article in my three part Boxing for Muay Thai series: Boxing vs Muay Thai (examines the subtle differences in movement, stance, hand position between the two sports) How to Use Boxing Effectively in Muay Thai  Best Boxing Combos Wickedly Effective for Muay  Thai (a study of some of the more effective boxing combos to use for Muay Thai, but looking at real examples) How can you box effectively in Muay Thai? And how can you adapt a pure boxing style for Muay Thai? These are the main questions we will address in this article. I’m...

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Rafi Bohic vs. Pongsiri – A Fight for the Lumpinee Title

Rafi Bohic is one of the best fighters you’ve probably never heard of. The only reason you haven’t heard of him is because he is a French fighter who isn’t featured on some the shows that casual fans watch. Rafi is a WMC and WBC World Title Holder and also won the MAX tournament belt (8 man tournament). Rafi comes from Singpatong-Sitnumnoi in Phuket. If the name Singpatong sounds familiar, it is the same gym that the last Lumpinee champion Damien Alamos trained (also a French fighter). In fact, Damien and Rafi were training partners before Damien decided to give up Muay Thai. While his...

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