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Boxing For Muay Thai: Best Boxing Combos Wickedly Effective for Muay Thai

After being down in Thailand for about three years, it’s pretty obvious that the weakest part of the Muay Thai game here is the boxing. I do know that outside of Thailand in Europe, Australia, and North America, there is more emphasis placed on using hands in a Muay Thai fight, and as such, the level of boxing is higher. But in Thailand, especially among Thai’s, their boxing is often quite weak as applied to Muay Thai. This means they often have a limited arsenal of simple hand combos used in a Muay Thai fight that may or may...

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Boxing For Muay Thai: Boxing vs Muay Thai (Everything You Should Know)

Boxing and Muay Thai share some similarities, but there are just as many differences between the two sports. Muay Thai includes some elements of boxing. But. You can’t fight like a boxer when you switch to Muay Thai or bad things happen.  I’ve actually seen pure Russian boxers (who take Muay Thai training for a couple weeks while in Thailand) jump into a pro Muay Thai match down here and get absolutely annihilated by the other guy who would viciously leg kick the poor boxer at will. Note, this is the first in my three part Boxing for Muay...

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Boxing For Muay Thai: How to Use Boxing Effectively in Muay Thai

This is the second article in my three part Boxing for Muay Thai series: Boxing vs Muay Thai (examines the subtle differences in movement, stance, hand position between the two sports) How to Use Boxing Effectively in Muay Thai  Best Boxing Combos Wickedly Effective for Muay  Thai (a study of some of the more effective boxing combos to use for Muay Thai, but looking at real examples) How can you box effectively in Muay Thai? And how can you adapt a pure boxing style for Muay Thai? These are the main questions we will address in this article. I’m...

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Muay Thai Gear Guide: Boxing Gloves vs. Muay Thai Gloves

Boxing Gloves and Muay Thai gloves are not the same, though are often are used interchangeably. Typically, if you only box you should opt for a western boxing-style glove. For Muay Thai, you can use either a Muay Thai style glove or a Boxing style glove. What Are The Differences Between Boxing Gloves and Muay Thai Gloves The main difference between Boxing Gloves and Muay Thai gloves are specifically in the flexibility of the glove when you clench your fist, the position of the thumbs in Muay Thai gloves, the padding around the wrist area, how far the glove...

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Jomthong Showcases How to Use Boxing in the Muay Thai Ring

Muay Thai is a sport that has evolved from the days of fighters having no boxing skills (see Rick Roufus vs Changpuek), to fighters who have very high level boxing Download the YouTube part. In the past few decades there has been a shift from fighters only only kick, to an equal number of fighters that like to use their hands. Legends like Somrak and Samart were the first pioneers of what I like to call Muay Thai 2.0, a style of Muay Thai that incorporated high level boxing into the Muay Thai ring Easy Bible mp3. A current example of a...

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