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Muay Thai Clinching Technique – Front Push Sweep by Nong-O

In this week’s edition of ‘Training with Champions’ Lumpinee champion Nong-O demonstrates how to do the front push sweep in the clinch. Nong-O is a fighter who is known for his technical skill and has competed against the best fighters for over a decade. He has fought all of the best guys in the sport including legends like Saenchai multiple times. This sweep that Nong-O teaches is a very effective clinching sweep that can be used when your opponent is throwing at knee at you. While most sweeps require you to pull your opponent to the side, this sweep may...

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Clinching with Muay Thai Champion Kanongsuk at Evolve MMA

Over 5 years ago when I had my first Muay Thai fight in Thailand, I ended up training with a young Rajadamnern Champion named Kanongsuk Chuwattana (Chai). Chai went on to corner me in my first few fights and was an excellent pad holder and trainer. Something that set Chai apart from the rest of the Thai trainers was the fact that he was a BIG Thai and he was still an active fighter (21 at the time). He probably has the biggest calves you will ever see on a Thai fighter and is built like a brick. Chai is actually...

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3 Basic Muay Thai Clinching Drills You Should Know

When it comes to getting stronger in the clinch, the best way to improve is to clinch. That being said, if you are inexperienced in the clinch it is important to work on the basics before trying to put everything together. If you take a beginner and throw them into the clinch, they will develop a stronger neck and learn how to defend a few locks, but they will only learn how to fight for survival without developing technique. That is where drilling comes into play. Drills allow you to work on specific techniques, without having someone resisting. This will allow you...

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The 5 Keys to Being Successful in the Muay Thai Clinch

The Muay Thai clinch is by far the hardest aspect of Muay Thai to learn outside of Thailand. Fighters who learn how to thrive in the clinch can gain a huge advantage over their Western opponents. The sad truth is that most people view clinching as grabbing the back of your opponent’s neck, pulling it down and kneeing the the sh*t out of their face. This is one of the unfortunate side effects of watching too much MMA and not enough real Muay Thai. I’ve already written an article that provides an overview of clinching, so if you haven’t read it make sure you check it...

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Muay Thai Clinching 101 – An Overview of the Clinch

When you think about Muay Thai, the first thing that probably comes to mind is probably the striking. From the deadly elbows, hard punches, sharp knees, to the punishing kicks, Muay Thai is famously known as the science of 8 limbs. While these weapons are devastating in their own right, what truly separates Muay Thai apart from is clinching. If you put a good Muay Thai fighter in the ring against someone from another striking background, the Muay Thai fighter’s biggest advantage will come when they clinch. This huge advantage is the reason why you never see dutch Kickboxers fighting under full Muay...

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