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Ultimate Guide to the Best Wrestling Shoes (2017 Edition)

Wrestling shoes have seen a burgeoning popularity the past decade thanks in part to the popularity of MMA. The rise of MMA has also brought along the rise of wrestling; the success that wrestling has played at being one of the more effective combat arts in MMA has helped to increase the sport’s reach. The side effect is that wrestling shoes have become a popular shoe for both wrestlers, MMA, and for general training activities that require a strong connection between the foot, the toes, and the floor. You’ll see people wearing wrestling shoes for boxing, weight lifting, cross...

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Boxing Shoes (2017 Edition)

While you might think you can get ‘buy’ (bad pun intended!) with without a pair of specialized shoes for boxing (such as a pair of running shoes or sneakers), boxing shoes make a world of difference. There’s a reason why boxers wear these shoes, and if you are serious about boxing, then one of the best investments you can make after getting the best pair of boxing gloves you can afford is to get a (good) pair of boxing shoes. I’ll go as far as to say that any pair of boxing shoes (as long as they fit right)...

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