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Ultimate Guide to the Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Training (Running, Lifting, Fight Training)

Bluetooth earbuds for running can give you coaching, music, or a combination of both right in your ear while doing your exercise. The right earbuds will also make it more comfortable to have something in your ear and reduce the chance having them fall out while you are running. There are a variety of earbuds that stay in your ears by themselves, with wires that sit on the back of your neck, or with an over the ear design. These wireless earbuds give you a variety of options so you find the ones that are most comfortable for you....

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Weight Lifting Belts

Belt up and bulk up! If you are a steel monkey that loves to push the boundaries of strength training and crush new personal bests then a weight belt is a must-have training companion. But the benefits of a lifting belt are not limited to an increase in performance, the belts serve as a safeguard for one of the most precious parts of your body. The most common injuries lifters encounter are usually back-related niggles or even worse, disc bulging and herniation. To avoid and mitigate the risk associated with taking your training to whole new levels, all lifters...

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Knee Wraps for Weightlifting

Wrap it up and shoot for the stars! – Best knee wraps 2017 Smashing though training plateaus while avoiding injuries is the number one goal for any serious lifter, but without the right training gear this can prove to be a difficult and treacherous task to achieve. So how does an avid lifter reach new heights AND take care of crucial body parts such as the temperamental knee? Well, knee wraps are nothing new in the powerlifting and CrossFit circles, however the technology as well as the research and development aspect of this vital piece of training gear has reached exciting...

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Weightlifting Shoes (for Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Crossfit, and Strength Training)

It used to be that if you needed to do something ‘active’, you would lace up your running shoes or a good pair of Chuck Taylor’s and that would be that — shoe problem solved. Enter 2016 and a hell of a lot has changed since then, especially when it comes to workout shoes. The market, or whatever forces are driving the hyperspecialization of products that cater to every niche, have determined that running shoes and Chuck’s — the staple workout shoes of yesteryear — are no longer good enough. Crossfit and a cultural obsession for pursuing fitness has...

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The Best Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are everywhere and the different material, colours, textures and grid patterns have gotten us all a little confused.  After a lot of self TLC, massaging many backs and bums, consulting numerous fitness trainers, therapists, specialists and even waiting patiently for email replies from the various manufacturers, we went for the Trigger Point Grid as the best all-round multi-purpose foam roller. Trigger Point Grid Click Here to See Reviews on Amazon Having said that we even found a good bargain in the similarly designed Protect My Body Grid Roller which is a Cardiff-based company.  At close inspection, pushing...

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