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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Boxing Headgear

The most important protective equipment for Boxers is headgear. Given the fact that Boxer’s spend the majority of the time taking blows to the head, it would make sense to invest in a quality pair of headgear when you Box. While MMA, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai involve striking the entire body, Boxers limit their punches to the body or head of their opponent. This means that you are constantly taking repeated damage the head when you train and you take even more damage to the head if you compete. Good Boxing coaches will not let their students spar unless they...

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A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to Muay Thai Shorts

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of Muay Thai shorts there are plenty of options that are available. However, the size and style of shorts that you use will often come down to personal preferences. But there are some important things you should know first before buying a pair. While every Muay Thai brand offers a variety of shorts, this guide will break down everything you need to know about purchasing the right pair of shorts for your training. Our Recommended Pick MTP Fight Gear Shorts We have released our own brand of Muay Thai shorts since...

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best MMA Shorts

This is our updated 2017 guide to the best MMA shorts. We’ve gone through a number of different MMA shorts and tested them out to see which ones are the most durable, comfortable, and just plain awesome to train with. We give your a detailed guide on how to choose the right MMA shorts for you and some recommendations for the bests shorts you might want to consider buying. What is the MMA short? An essential piece of training gear for MMA fighters is a good pair of MMA shorts. Unlike Muay Thai shorts, that are designed for only...

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Gym Backpacks & Duffle Bags (For Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA)

One of the most used pieces of equipment for any martial artist is the gym bag. A quality gym bag should fit all your training equipment and leave you extra space for a change of clothes and water. The type of training that you do will determine the best bag. Someone who is only training BJJ just needs a bag big enough for their Gi, groin protection, and their mouth guard. On the other hand, someone training Muay Thai will need space for all their protective gear which requires more space. Typically, you have two types of bags: the...

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Boxing Gloves (Updated 2017)

Almost every full contact combat sport requires boxing gloves: Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, and Kickboxing. Because boxing gloves are a requirement for these sports, there’s a lot of different types of boxing gloves from a lot of different brands on the market. This article is my attempt to give a buyer’s guide to the top boxing gloves currently available on the market, recommending them to Boxers, Muay Thai Boxers, Kickboxers, and MMA fighters. Note that this article focuses on boxing gloves for Western Boxers (pure boxing gloves), though I do also recommend Muay Thai Boxing gloves as well. We have a comprehensive separate...

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