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Ultimate Guide to the Best Free Standing Heavy Bags (2017 Edition)

The heavy bag is one of the best tools that you can have when you train at home. It is designed to give you a stationary target to strike and work on your different techniques. This is an essential training tool that can help you develop better technique, stamina, and precision. There are many different types of heavy bags to choose from. The most popular heavy bags used for training are heavy bags that hang from a ceiling. When a heavy bag is hanging, it allows the bag to swing and doesn’t get knocked over if you hit it too hard. If...

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best BJJ Gis (and how to choose one)

Before I started training Muay Thai, BJJ was my first love. Back when I was a kid watching the original UFC that featured Royce beating all kinds of massive giants, I knew that BJJ was a special sport. Today, BJJ has grown to become one of the largest martial arts in the world. I started training BJJ back in 2005, and fell in love with the sport, training for several years at Zuma with some real talented fighters (Zuma is home to former UFC fighter and UFC belt contender Sarah Kaufman and to UFC fighter Ryan Janes, both of...

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Muay Thai Shin Guards (2017 Edition)

A great pair of Muay Thai shin guards is an essential requirement for every single person who trains Muay Thai. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an enthusiast or a pro, the selection of your shin guard is an important equipment decision to make. When it comes to choosing the right shin guard there are many options that are good for different needs. Some people prefer to go with more protection, while other people prefer lighter shin guards that offer less protection. A good pair of shin guards will offer you adequate protection for your shin and ankle so...

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Fairtex Thigh Pads Review

One of the newest pieces of Muay Thai training equipment that have become very popular in the past few years are Muay Thai Thigh pads. Thigh pads are designed to allow you to throw low kicks in a realistic fashion, without requiring the pad holder to do anything. I never used to see these worn back in 2010-2011. But as of 2017, I’ve seen a number of Thai trainers using these to work with students on low kicks. The ergonomic shape and contour of the pads allow you to throw clean low kicks and have a nice solid feel when you land them on...

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Muay Thai Gear & Equipment

If you want to get the most out of your Muay Thai training it is important to have the right Muay Thai gear and training equipment. While there are plenty of options to choose from, there are some items that everyone needs in their training. This article provides an overview of all of the Muay Thai training equipment that is available. We break it down into 3 sections: Training Gear, Pad Holding Equipment, and Gym Equipment. If you want to know more about each area then click on the link provided under that category. Essential Gear for Muay Thai Training 1. Muay Thai Shorts While you can train in any athletic shorts, wearing authentic shorts is something that everyone should do. Not only will it put you in the right mindset to train hard, but it will also make you look like a proper Nak Muay (Thai fighter). If you see someone wearing MMA shorts in training you know they are not serious about traditional Muay Thai. Muay Thai shorts are the unofficially uniform of Muay Thai. If you are training Karate you would wear a Karate uniform, so when you are training Muay Thai make sure you wear the right pair of shorts. One of the reasons why some people don’t like wearing Muay Thai shorts is because of the short length. The truth is the length is part of the traditional style...

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