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The Top 3 Knockout Artists from Thailand You Should Know

Muay Thai fighting is an art that is more than just flashy knockouts and brutal cuts. There are many fighting styles in the sport. Some fighters utilize skill and technique to win on points, while other fighters utilize power and aggression to overwhelm opponents. No matter what style of fighting a fighter utilizes, there is a lot of skill involved to reach a high level. While most people can appreciate the next level skills of a fighter like Saenchai, not all technical fighters have that kind of crowd-pleasing abilities. Fortunately, there are many fighters in Thailand that utilize the...

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How to Cut Weight For a Fight in 5 Easy Steps

Yea, Yea, I know, there is a heavy use of the Instagram filter there to show off the definition due to some bad lighting (my apologies for that). But regardless of the shitty picture, there was a 8KG weight cut using the method I outline below between when I started the cut and when I finished the cut in 7 days. This article is going to cover weight cutting for same day weigh-ins. If you have a weigh-in the day before your fight, then you can use other methods to cut weight that are not mentioned in this article. This guide will...

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The Important Role of the Promoter When You Fight in Thailand

There’s a lot going on below the surface when it comes to fighting. We all know about the important roles that coaches, refs, and judges play in determining the outcome of fights, but most people don’t realize that the promoter is an important player in the fighting process. The difference between a good matchup and a complete mismatch often comes down to the promoter. While your ego might believe that you can compete against anyone in the ring, that is simply not the case. Skill, size, conditioning, fighting styles, mental toughness and experience all play important roles in determining who wins a...

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14 Fight Outcomes That Can Happen When You Fight in Thailand

After watching hundreds of people step into the Muay Thai ring and have their first fight in Thailand, I’ve become pretty good at guessing how someone will do in a fight. There are some fighters you know will either win or go the distance in a hard fight regardless of their opponent, and there are other guys that are likely to lose unless they fight a bum. When I spar with someone preparing for a fight, it is easy to tell if that person is ready for a fight or not. Any mistakes you do in sparring will often become...

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Finding Your Ideal Fighting Style in Muay Thai

If you could choose one Muay Thai fighter in the world and copy their style, who would that be? Would you pick a fighter based on their skill or a fighter that most resembled your body type? When it comes to fighting styles, every style has its strengths and its weaknesses. Some styles are more aggressive and are more likely to get knockouts, while other styles are more defensive and are better suited for winning on points 60 parsecs. Developing your Style The process of developing your fighting style is something that doesn’t happen over night. Every hour spent sparring against different...

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