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The No BS Guide on How To Get Ripped

I’ve cooked up a number of articles on our site,, that ultimately help give you the tools to lose weight by yourself without having to pay a trainer, subscribe to some fancy diet program, or shell out cash for some gizmo that never delivers. In this article, we are going to go into detail on how exactly to get ripped. And before we begin, I want to start of shooting straight: abs are made in the kitchen, NOT in the gym. I don’t care how many ab crunches you do, how many deadlifts you perform, or how many...

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The Aerobic Energy System Explained (The Key to Unleashing Endless Endurance)

We’ve introduced the body’s energy systems, those complex mechanisms responsible for producing ATP energy, delivering it to the working muscles, and utilizing it to power activity. If you have NOT yet read the first article in this series that introduces the topic of conditioning and energy systems, I highly suggest you do — it’s an important part of understanding THIS article. The next article covers exactly HOW to Improve Aerobic Fitness for Muay Thai, covering exact training protocols you can follow. But, I suggest you READ this current article first so you know exactly what the Aerobic System is,...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

In my previous article, The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting, we talked about what this diet is and the benefits. Now I’m going to talk about HOW to actually start IF’ing. Intermittent Fasting (also called ‘IF’) can help you LOSE weight while retaining muscle (this is called a CUT), gain lean muscle mass while minimizing fat gains (this is called a LEAN BULK), or building muscle while keeping the same level of bodyfat (this is called BODY RECOMP). This article will focus on a CUT style diet which is probably 90% of you folks are most interested in. At the...

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How Training Like a Traditional Thai Boxer Matches Modern Training Methods

We’ve looked specifically at HOW the body’s energy systems work at the cellular level and how to stimulate adaptions to improve oxygen supply and utilization which improves your overall aerobic conditioning. Quite a lot of this is fancy pancy sport science that breaks everything down exactly and comes up with fancy names for simple exercises athletes have been performing for thousands of years. But as we are talking about Traditional Muay Thai and how to improve your conditioning, we should look at how the Thai’s do conditioning work in their own traditional training regimen. After all, Thais are the...

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The Importance of Anaerobic Capacity (and how training aerobically dramatically improves it )

The past few years has seen the explosion in training for alactic conditioning — short duration explosive power. Ask most trainers who follow fad training trends and you’ll be told to do HIIT workouts or do get out there and bust your ass with sprints. And these DO increase your cardio, specifically your short duration explosive cardio — specifically your anaerobic pathways. There are three energy systems (metabolic pathways) your body uses to produce ATP (energy) that powers your body: Alactic Anaerobic system (short duration energy – 10 seconds) Lactic Anaerobic Systems (medium short duration energy – 60-90 seconds)...

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