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Conditioning 101: How to Dramatically Improve Your Aerobic Fitness (so you never gas out)

Welcome to my 9000 word guide on how to completely transform your aerobic fitness — the base fitness that allows you to recover quicker, go longer, and be more powerful during training, fighting, and sparring. Make sure you read my Intro to Energy Systems article — you’ll likely need it to understand how this all works. However, writing about energy systems and how to train them is complex — it’s not an easy topic to explain, teach, or even put into practice, and there are many different approaches and theories about how to go about it, with each theory...

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No BS Guide to the Best Supplements for Fighters (Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing)

Welcome to our detailed supplement guide, intended to be a master, up-to-date resource for athletes looking to sort through the bullshit supplement claims and actually spend money on stuff that has some real evidence it helps. This instantly cuts out about 95% of the supplements out there. I keep this article updated through the year. As of now, this article is updated for the end of 2016. So Why Are Supplements Popular Everyone loves to pop pills and drink shakes, probably in no small part due to the marketing prowess of what amounts to a 61 billion dollar industry...

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The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

What if I told you it’s possible to easily lose weight and maintain your muscular frame without feeling like you are actually on a diet? What if you could lose weight without having to ninny pick your meals and (always) avoid lovely treats like ice cream, cheesecake, and those $.10c buffalo wings? Not possible right? We’ve all heard those infomercial scams on late night TV (or on some website promoting quick and effortless results for the low cost of $19.99). …But what if these claims are actually true. Welcome to the wonderful world of Intermittent Fasting (also known as...

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20 Healthy Restaurant Thai Food Dishes that are Paleo

If you plan to travel to Thailand and want to eat healthy while at sit-in restaurants, read this article… It’s an urban myth that Thai food is inherently healthy for you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people talk about how healthy Thai food dishes are just because quite a few of them have fresh vegetables. Yes, the emphasis on Thai food is to use fresh ingredients. Yes, there’s often a lot of vegetables used in the dishes and an assortment of salads. But many Thai dishes are absolutely loaded with processed sugars, MSG, heavy doses of...

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Muay Thai Conditioning 101: Intro to Your Energy Systems

Time to look at how to improve your Muay Thai fight endurance. This article has been a long time in coming (I’ve meant to write this series for almost a year now and I’ve been getting many requests from readers), but here it is. As the saying goes ‘better late than never.’ So sit down and grab some coffee because this series is going to be a long read — and oh so worth it! I guarantee you are going to want to read every word because it will change your approach to fitness and Muay Thai. So read on...

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