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5 Defensive Skills That Are Essential In Muay Thai

If you want to compete in Muay Thai at a high level, your defense needs to be on point. Failing to block incoming strikes will lead to unnecessary damage that can impact you in the long term. While some fighters pride themselves on having a strong chin, after years of punishment those fighters often suffer from severe concussions and memory loss when they retire. While it is important to know how to take a punch, that should be your last line of defense. A proper defense involves blocking, parrying, avoiding, redirecting, and countering strikes before they land. Some fighters shield...

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Taking Responsibility For Your Muay Thai Development

A while ago I received an email from someone named Mike (not his real name), who was complaining about his training circumstances. Mike wasn’t happy… Without going into much detail of the email, Mike felt that his coach was not investing enough time in him. He was jealous that other people at the gym were receiving more attention and he wasn’t developing as much as he would have liked. Mike believed that his Muay Thai development was the responsibility of his coach – a view that is quite common among beginners. Now, if Mike was paying his coach a full-time salary to...

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Learning To Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused on Your Fundamentals

We live in a world that is filled with distractions. The moment you pick up your phone in the morning, you are bombarded with social media algorithms that are programmed to distract you. For Muay Thai fanatics, this is a good thing. You can follow several different blogs and have a constant stream of new Muay Thai content to satisfy your never-ending desire for all things Muay Thai. When I first started training Muay Thai back in 2006, I remember scrolling through YouTube and looking up all the how-to tutorials online. I get what it feels like to want to soak...

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Learning How To Recognize Patterns In Your Muay Thai Opponent

One of the keys to reaching a higher level in Muay Thai is understanding how to read your opponent. If you can get a correct read on your opponent, it makes it easier to throw them off their game because you can predict what they will do. Every fighter has a set of techniques that they like to use. While every fighter is slightly different, when you spar with enough people you will notice many similarities. Fighters can often be grouped by the ‘style’ of fighting that they use. Some fighters are aggressive and like to push forward for knockouts, while other...

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The Process of Learning in Muay Thai – How to Develop Your Game

If you want to master a technique, it is important that you learn how to do that technique correctly. Practicing a bad technique over and over, will make you really good at performing that bad technique. I know people who have been training Muay Thai for years who have cemented bad habits into their game. These people were never taught how to perform the correct techniques when they first started. Now that they have been practicing for many years, those bad habits have become so ingrained it is now almost impossible to change. I know this from experience. When I first started training over a decade ago,...

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