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Category: Muay Thai Strategy

The Importance of Positive Self Talk in Muay Thai

In Muay Thai it is essential to have 100% belief in your abilities. Fights are often won or lost in the mind. If you have a strong mind, you will be able to push through more pain than you ever thought possible. Conversely, a weak mind will crumble the moment things start going wrong. While there are many things that go into creating a strong mind, one important aspect is how you talk to yourself. Fighters who are always negative, don’t experience the same amount of success as fighters who have learned to harness the power of their thoughts. How you talk to yourself matters The...

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How to Recover From An Early Knockdown in a Fight

If you plan on entering a Muay Thai competition it is important to understand that fights are a back and forth affair. You will hit your opponent and they will hit you. If you go through a fight unscathed, consider yourself lucky. Good fights are always close battles that usually come down to the final round to decide the winner. Unfortunately, this means that there will be many times when your fortitude and mental toughness will be tested. While you might imagine yourself steam rolling your opponent with a flying elbow or knee that would be featured in an Ong Bak movie,...

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Muay Thai Knockout: Straight Right Punch Counter to the Left Kick

If you ever fight a guy who has really good hands, you have to be extra careful that your guard is always up. Good fighters will take advantage of openings and the results can often lead to being caught with some hard punches. An effective technique that is often used by heavy handed fighters is to let a kick land and then come back with a hard strike before your opponent has a chance to reset their defense. This is a move that requires a trigger reaction to ensure that you don’t allow your opponent to reset their defense. I happened...

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The Importance of Focusing on Your Muay Thai Fundamentals

If you want to reach your full potential in Muay Thai it is important to prioritize your time so that you can maximize your growth. With so many different techniques, combos, and drills available online it can be a little bit overwhelming to figure out what you should be spending your time at the gym doing. Should I be working on a new combination or should I be working on my footwork? With so much information available, it can be tempting to try and learn something new every class. Unfortunately, this is not how you will get better. Trying to learn...

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Short vs Tall: Maximizing Reach and Height Advantages in Muay Thai

Generally speaking, being taller is going to give you a natural advantage in a fight. Without taking into account other factors like speed, agility, timing, skill, fitness etc., if you take two fighters who are the same level, the fighter with more reach will be able to land more shots. In our last article in our Short vs Tall series, we discussed specific techniques that shorter fighters can use to counter a tall opponent’s reach advantages. This follow-up article, however, is designed for tall fighters who are facing shorter opponents. While you might assume that this guide is only beneficial for taller fighters, unless you are Saenchai’s...

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