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The Process of Learning in Muay Thai – How to Develop Your Game

If you want to master a technique, it is important that you learn how to do that technique correctly. Practicing a bad technique over and over, will make you really good at performing that bad technique. I know people who have been training Muay Thai for years who have cemented bad habits into their game. These people were never taught how to perform the correct techniques when they first started. Now that they have been practicing for many years, those bad habits have become so ingrained it is now almost impossible to change. I know this from experience. When I first started training over a decade ago,...

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The Importance of Managing Your Expectations Before a Fight

Have you ever wondered why some fighters can look so good in training, but when it comes to the fight they completely choke? Why do some average fighters exceed expectations and perform much better when it matters the most? Taking the right mental approach to a fight will give you the best chance of performing your best. If you perform your best, the results don’t matter. What you don’t want is to walk out of the ring knowing that you didn’t put your best foot forward. What Mental Approach Should We Take? The best thing you can do going...

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How To Come Back Stronger After a Loss: 4 Steps to Success

Losing a Muay Thai fights sucks. The first time I lost tears started streaming out of my eyes moments after I heard the decision. Knowing that I did everything I could to win the fight and still coming up short crushed my spirit. Back then I was young and naive. I believed that I could and should beat anyone as long as I trained hard and believed I could win. While these were good principles to follow, they don’t necessarily mean you will win. When I was winning everything was great. After every victory, my ego grew a little bit bigger. My confidence was correlated to my fight...

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The Importance of Positive Self Talk in Muay Thai

In Muay Thai it is essential to have 100% belief in your abilities. Fights are often won or lost in the mind. If you have a strong mind, you will be able to push through more pain than you ever thought possible. Conversely, a weak mind will crumble the moment things start going wrong. While there are many things that go into creating a strong mind, one important aspect is how you talk to yourself. Fighters who are always negative, don’t experience the same amount of success as fighters who have learned to harness the power of their thoughts. How you talk to yourself matters The...

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How to Recover From An Early Knockdown in a Fight

If you plan on entering a Muay Thai competition it is important to understand that fights are a back and forth affair. You will hit your opponent and they will hit you. If you go through a fight unscathed, consider yourself lucky. Good fights are always close battles that usually come down to the final round to decide the winner. Unfortunately, this means that there will be many times when your fortitude and mental toughness will be tested. While you might imagine yourself steam rolling your opponent with a flying elbow or knee that would be featured in an Ong Bak movie,...

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