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The Perfect Spinning Back Elbow KO

The spinning elbow is a Muay Thai technique that can change the outcome of a fight. If you are able to set up the spinning elbow correctly, it can be extremely difficult to avoid. This is the favorite technique among many fight fans because of its precision and skill required to land it. In the past few weeks there have been a number of good Thai fighters being KOed from spinning elbows. While it takes a bit of luck to land the perfect spinning elbow, you will never land them if you don’t practice them. This fight between Chanajon PK SaenchaiMuayThaiGym vs Naimjon Tuhtaboev showcased one of the best spinning elbow...

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Fight Breakdown: Superlek vs Pornsanae (Skill vs Power)

In Muay Thai there is a constant battle between skill vs power. Fighters that can strike the perfect balance of skill and power can rise to the top of the ranks. This fight between Superlek and Pornsanae demonstrates a classic example of a technical fighter vs an aggressive fighter who goes out with guns blazing. While Sitmonchai’s style has been effective throughout his career, there are certain downsides to being an aggressive fighter. In Thailand, most fighters prefer to use technique over power. It is considered more glorious to win a close fight on points over winning with a KO. Fighters who fight aggressively often suffer...

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6 Highly Effective Low Kick Combinations for Muay Thai

Low kicks are one of the most feared weapons in Muay Thai because of the pain they inflict. It is quite common to see someone limping around for a few days after a few well placed leg kicks in training. An effective low kick can change the outcome of a fight. Damaging an opponent’s legs will change their fighting style, making them more defensive throughout the course of the fight. While every fighter should have a diverse arsenal of attacks at their disposal, the low kick is one of the most effective tools that can be used. Disclaimer: I am not responsible...

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Short vs Tall: Techniques that are Effective Against Shorter Opponents

In our last article entitled, “Short vs Tall: Maximizing Height and Reach Advantages in Muay Thai,” we discussed some specific advantages that taller fighters have against shorter opponents. We came to the conclusion that the clinch is the best place to exploit a significant height advantage in a fight. This article offers specific techniques that can be effective for taller fighters who have reach advantages against their opponents. If you happen to be a taller fighter,  these techniques can help you maximize some of that reach advantage that you have. It is important to remember that a diverse offense is the best offense. Just because...

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Short vs Tall: How to Counter Reach and Height Advantages in Muay Thai

When it comes to sparring/fighting people who have a significant reach advantage over you it can be annoying. If you take two Muay Thai beginners at the same level and get them to spar each other, the taller guy will have a natural advantage over the shorter opponent. I remember when I first started training Muay Thai, I would always get frustrated when I sparred taller guys. Why is there a noticeable advantage? An opponent who has a reach advantage over you will be able to hit you and still maintain a safe distance from you. Now before we discuss...

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