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Muay Thai Technique – Downward Jumping Elbow

  What is the Downward Jumping Elbow? Along with the Spinning Elbow and the Double Elbow Chop, the Downward Jumping elbow (known in Thai as Mid Air Elbow or Kradot sok /กระโดดศอก) is another fancy elbow strike that will please the crowd Flash. This is a variation of the Downward Chopping elbow that has the fighter leaping up into the air while bringing down the elbow chop gta3 드롭 박스 다운로드. By leaping forward towards an opponent, a fighter can quickly close the distance to land the elbow. This technique is particularly powerful as the fighter can leverage the downward momentum of the jump...

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The Ultimate Guide to the Spinning Back Elbow (Sok Klap)

What is the Spinning Back Elbow? The Spinning Elbow (also called Spinning Back Elbow or in Thai, Sok klap /ศอกกลับ) is an exotic technique that can be as dangerous as it is crowd-pleasing. This elbow strike comes at an unconventional angle, making it difficult to defend against since it can take you completely by surprise audiosurf. However, it will only land if you line up the distance and timing perfectly. The Spinning Elbow is best used after a fake attack, as the last strike in a combo, or when the opponent has no room to jump away (say up against the ropes). Somark Khamsing well famous for using spinning elbows in his fights: How To Throw The Spinning Elbow There is quite a bit of variation and choice when it comes to throwing a spinning elbow Download the rainmeter skin. Orthodox fighters will throw the spinning elbow with their right arm and Southpaw fighters will throw it with their left arm. In addition, you have a choice of a close version with your body angled downward or a longer-distance version which has your body not dipped downward. Rear Spinning Elbow vs Front Spinning Elbow You can throw the spinning elbow with the rear or front elbow though the most common implementation is to utilize the rear elbow as it’s much quicker than using the front elbow to strike 네이버블로그...

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The Ultimate Guide to the Backwards Elbow (Sok Kratong)

What is the Backwards Elbow? Sok  Kratoong is another rarely used elbow that can take your opponent by surprise due to the unusual angle of it’s strike (and the fact that it’s rarely used in matches so your opponent won’t likely expect it) 스팀 다시. Because it’s harder to generate force with this elbow due to the angle, the Backwards Elbow is best used as your opponent comes forward (which gives the strike more power) or as they cover up you step forward and execute the Sok Kratong adobe master collection 다운로드. The target area is the front of the face/chin. If you land it right, you can KO your opponent. Look at Anderson Silva pull off a KO with a beautifully executed Backwards Elbow from a southpaw stance 윈도우 10 수동. Notice how his stance is almost sidways and he thrusts the tip of his elbow upwards WHILE his opponent has his hands up. The strike can be thrown from either your leading arm (left if you are orthodox) or your rear arm (right arm if you are orthodox); however, it’s usually thrown with the leading/front elbow because the distance to your opponent is less; if you execute this strike from your rear elbow, you will have to step from an orthodox stance into a sideways southpaw stance, which will take more time to implement Download Hyodo Radio...

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The Ultimate Guide to the Diagonal Elbow (Sok Chieng)

What is the Diagonal Elbow? The Diagonal Elbow (or Sok Chieng /ศอเฉียง ) is a tricky elbow that’s when thrown quickly can take your opponent completely by surprise 좋은아침. Sok Chieng, of all the elbows, requires the closest distance between you and your opponent to land. As such, this elbow is often utilized from the clinch where both fighters’ heads are pressed close together and there is limited room to throw elbows Accidentally downloaded spring mp3. To throw it from the clinch, you must have the elbow INSIDE your opponents arm. The Diagonal Elbow will often cut your opponent but can,...

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The Ultimate Guide to the Double Elbow Chop (Sok Klap Khu)

What is the Double Elbow Chop? The Double Elbow Chop ( in Thai called Sok klap khu / ศอกกลับคู่) is a technique where you bring both elbows together above your head and smash them downwards, hitting your target’s face/head with both elbows 견적서 다운로드. You will rarely see this strike thrown in a real Muay Thai match and the elbow is mostly utilized in Muay Boran demonstrations due to the stylistic nature of this strike Download the poster design. However, it can be used in a real match and is, by some fighters. You can throw this strike from the...

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