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The Ultimate Guide to the Downward Elbow Chop (Sok Tong)

What is the Downward Elbow Chop? This strike, known as Sok Tong in Thai,  is a powerful downward elbow that’s can render an opponent unconscious if you land it cleanly on the center of the face. The motion is the reverse of the Uppercut Elbow; rather than the elbow being whipped upwards, the Downward Elbow Chop is smashed downward. This is a rarely thrown elbow, more often shown in Muay Boran matches due to the stylistic nature. However, it can be (and is, by some fighters) used in an actual Muay Thai match, though usually only if one of...

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The Ultimate Guide to the Reverse Horizontal Elbow (Sok Wiang Klap)

What is the Reverse Horizontal Elbow? The reverse Horizontal Elbow (known as Sok wiang klap / ศอกเหวี่ยงกลับ) is another elbow strike that’s rarely used in actual fights (though it pops up here and there, occasionally). The setup for this strike is to first throw a horizontal elbow and if it misses and your elbow is still extended, simply jerk the elbow backwards along the same horizontal path you threw the first elbow on. If your opponent lets his guard down after the fist strike misses, you’ll smash the side of his face with the back of your elbow. How to...

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The Ultimate Guide to the Chopping Elbow (Sok Sab)

What is the Chopping Elbow  Sok Sab is similar to the Diagonal Elbow, but exactly the reverse motion. That is, the elbow is brought in a DOWNWARD diagonal motion across the face rather than an UPWARDS diagonal motion like the Sok Chieng. The Chopping Elbow is usually pulled off after the Diagonal Elbow misses and often thrown while in the clinch position (when it’s possible — and close enough — to land). The elbow is simply brought back down in a reverse motion after the Diagonal Elbow is thrown. This will often catch the opponent by surprise as he (or she) is not expecting another elbow attack with the same elbow being brought downwards. It’s not common to see this elbow strike thrown in actual Muay Thai fights as the timing and distance has to be absolutely perfect.  How to Throw the Chopping Elbow If the Diagonal Elbow misses and the elbow tip is (still) raised above the opponent, simply jerk the elbow back downwards at the same angle (but the reverse direction) you threw it up at. The angle of this attack makes it possible to slash between the opponent’s high guard especially if your opponent moves his or her head forward to counter attack after your original Diagonal Elbow misses. Complete List of Elbow Techniques Basic Elbows Horizontal Elbow Uppercut (Up) Elbow Forward Thrust Elbow Slashing Elbow...

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The Ultimate Guide to the Forward Elbow Thrust (Sok Poong)

What is the Forward Elbow Thrust? The Forward Elbow Thrust (known in Thai as Sok Poong / ศอกพุ่ง and also called by some as the Right Thrown Elbow)  is a technique where you thrust your elbow straight forward into the center of your opponent’s face. It’s almost always done with the rear elbow because you need the distance to generate power since in orthodox stance, your left arm would be too close to your opponent to generate enough force with this type of motion to make it an effective strike. Since the elbow is thrust forward in a straight line, it’s often unexpected (opponents are more likely ready to defend against the Elbow Slash or Horizontal style elbows than a thrusting elbow). Like the Uppercut Elbow, the Forward Elbow Thrust can penetrate through a tight high guard in the space between the two gloves. The Forward Elbow Thrust vs. the Right Uppercut Elbow The Forward Elbow Thrust is not to be confused with the Uppercut Elbow (which can be thrown with leading or rear elbow and is an upward motion). The Uppercut Elbow, if thrown with the rear elbow, is an upward motion while the Forward Elbow Thrust is a thrusting motion where the elbow is raised up and stabbed forward. You might think of it sort of middle ground / compromise between the Double Elbow Chop (which strikes...

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The Ultimate Guide to the Uppercut Elbow (Sok Ngad)

 What is the Uppercut Elbow (Sok Ngad) The Uppercut Elbow (called Sok Ngad / ศอกงัด) is a cunning elbow strike that can often penetrate through the high guard due to the vertical plane the strike moves along. This strike can be used very effectively as your opponent moves towards you or you can step towards your opponent to close the distance as you throw it. This strike is particularly effective if timed correctly because, unlike the horizontal elbow strikes, this elbow can penetrate between the space between the gloves. It’s a great to use as your opponent steps forward...

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