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Category: Muay Thai Techniques

Boxing For Muay Thai: How to Use Boxing Effectively in Muay Thai

This is the second article in my three part Boxing for Muay Thai series: Boxing vs Muay Thai (examines the subtle differences in movement, stance, hand position between the two sports) How to Use Boxing Effectively in Muay Thai  Best Boxing Combos Wickedly Effective for Muay  Thai (a study of some of the more effective boxing combos to use for Muay Thai, but looking at real examples) How can you box effectively in Muay Thai? And how can you adapt a pure boxing style for Muay Thai? These are the main questions we will address in this article. I’m...

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Muay Thai Technique – Downward Jumping Elbow

  What is the Downward Jumping Elbow? Along with the Spinning Elbow and the Double Elbow Chop, the Downward Jumping elbow (known in Thai as Mid Air Elbow or Kradot sok /กระโดดศอก) is another fancy elbow strike that will please the crowd. This is a variation of the Downward Chopping elbow that has the fighter leaping up into the air while bringing down the elbow chop. By leaping forward towards an opponent, a fighter can quickly close the distance to land the elbow. This technique is particularly powerful as the fighter can leverage the downward momentum of the jump to ad power to the...

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3 Highly Effective Muay Thai Techniques that You Should Know

Over the course of your Muay Thai journey you will have a lot of trainers and fighters who help influence your style. While my Thai trainers Run and Dee helped me develop my Muay Thai technique and rhythm, I also learned a lot from my training partner Dane Sky. Dane is a seasoned fighter out of Australia (40+ fights) who helped me work on a number of aspects of my game. While Thai trainers are good at correcting technique and making sure you learn the “Thai Style,” there are many things you will not learn from your trainers. Unless you can speak...

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Muay Thai Clinching 101 – An Overview of the Clinch

When you think about Muay Thai, the first thing that probably comes to mind is probably the striking. From the deadly elbows, hard punches, sharp knees, to the punishing kicks, Muay Thai is famously known as the science of 8 limbs. While these weapons are devastating in their own right, what truly separates Muay Thai apart from is clinching. If you put a good Muay Thai fighter in the ring against someone from another striking background, the Muay Thai fighter’s biggest advantage will come when they clinch. This huge advantage is the reason why you never see dutch Kickboxers fighting under full Muay...

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The Ultimate Muay Thai Guide to the Right Cross

This guide will teach you an essential muay thai weapon – the right cross! Some of the most devastating fighters in the sport utilize this technique to get a lot of knockouts. The right cross is an essential component of muay thai. Along with the jab, the cross is the most utilized punch that you will see in muay thai competitions. If you want to get better at muay thai, it is essential that you know how to throw the right cross effectively. Right Cross Theory The right cross is often known as the power shot. You generate the...

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