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Category: Muay Thai Techniques

The Ultimate Guide to the Uppercut Elbow (Sok Ngad)

 What is the Uppercut Elbow (Sok Ngad) The Uppercut Elbow (called Sok Ngad / ศอกงัด) is a cunning elbow strike that can often penetrate through the high guard due to the vertical plane the strike moves along. This strike can be used very effectively as your opponent moves towards you or you can step towards your opponent to close the distance as you throw it. This strike is particularly effective if timed correctly because, unlike the horizontal elbow strikes, this elbow can penetrate between the space between the gloves. It’s a great to use as your opponent steps forward...

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The Ultimate Guide to the Horizontal Elbow (Sok Tad) 

What is the Horizontal Elbow? The Horizontal Elbow (also known as Sok Tad/ ศอกตัด ) is similar to the Sok Ti (Slashing Elbow) but instead of being thrown at a downward 30-45 degree angle, it’s thrown in a straight horizontal line (the arm is parallel to the floor all the way through the strike). The attack is usually aimed at lower jaw / chin area, and if it connects may result in a brutal KO. As the Sok Tad requires committing your entire body to the movement, the strike should be thrown only when you have solid footing otherwise you might lose footing. To generate the power you must twist your hips and shoulder inward to generate the power. Elbow Slash vs Horizontal Elbow Which elbow you use will depend on the situation and the type of guard your opponent has. If your opponent drops his hands at any moment, a Horizontal Elbow can be a fight-ending strike. However, it’s relatively easy to block this type of elbow as long as both hands are held high against the face. The Elbow Slash is more popular than the Horizontal Elbow because it’s thrown at an oblique 45 angle which is easier to land through the opponents guard while the Horizontal Elbow (Sok Tad) is harder to land because it’s thrown horizontally and if the opponent’s lead hand is held at...

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The Ultimate Guide to the Slashing Elbow (Sok Ti)

Welcome to the Slashing Muay Thai Elbow, or Sok Ti — the bread and butter elbow of the Muay Thai fighter. What is the Slashing Elbow? Known as ‘the Slashing Elbow’ or in Thai, Sok Ti (ศอกตี (ศอกสับ) ), this is by far the most common type of Elbow thrown in Muay Thai fights and the elbow that most people are familiar with. The motion of the elbow is an oblique downwards angle. The area this elbow targets is usually the top of the head, forehead, and side of the face. The elbow can be thrown with the leading...

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The Ultimate Muay Thai Guide to the Jab

This ultimate guide will help train you in one of the most fundamental weapons in Muay Thai – the jab! The jab is a technique that is used effectively for offense and defense. The jab is a weapon that is often used in combination of other Muay Thai techniques for full effectiveness. If you want to improve your muay thai sparring and become a better fighter, you will need to learn the fundamentals of a good jab. Although the jab (straight left punch for orthodox fighters) is a technique that is not usually associated with Muay Thai, a good...

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