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On Fighting in Rajadamnern – What It’s Like to Fight in Thailand’s Top Stadium

The following post was written by Matt Lucas. Matt is a Muay Thai fighter, manager, journalist, and author who has been in the game for nearly a decade. He works as a commentator at Max Muay Thai and has connections to all the top stadiums in Thailand. In the mornings, before the sun rises over Bangkok, before the meager rays try to cut through the smug of the capital, the boxers shuffle into the arena. The stadium is the mecca for Muay Thai and since it’s doors have opened thousands of boxers have performed. All the fighter names, weights...

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A First Round Strategy for Fighting Muay Thai in Thailand

Fighting in Thailand is a much different experience than the West. Arguably, one of the biggest differences is you often don’t know who you are fighting. The promoter might give you a person’s name, but that name will mean nothing to you unless they already have a reputation in the area. You could be fighting a professional from Russia with 50+ fights, a tuk-tuk driver, or a first-time fighter who has less experience than you. Even when promoters tell you who are fighting, most of the time the opponent is going to be completely different than the person they...

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The 18 Types of Foreigners You Find Fighting in Thailand

When you fight in Thailand, you will encounter people from all walks of life. Some people are part time fighters who fight when they go on vacation, while others are full-time fighters living in Thailand for years. If you meet enough fighters in Thailand, you will start seeing similarities among fighters who come from various backgrounds. The following is a tongue and cheek look at some of the different foreign fighters you will see in Thailand. Please keep in mind that the categories are not mutually exclusive. Some fighters may fit into multiple categories. #1 – The Bucket List...

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How to Find the Best Muay Thai Gym in Thailand

Every week I get emails from people around the world asking me the same question: “What is the best Muay Thai gym in Thailand?” If you ask 10 different people to name their favorite gym in Thailand, you will probably get 10 different answers. A seasoned fighter with a lot of experience will have a different perspective than someone who is training Muay Thai for the first time. If you have only been to one gym your whole life, you won’t have anything to compare your training experiences too. Finding a Muay Thai camp is like choosing what University you want to attend. Everyone has a...

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The Important Role of the Promoter When You Fight in Thailand

There’s a lot going on below the surface when it comes to fighting. We all know about the important roles that coaches, refs, and judges play in determining the outcome of fights, but most people don’t realize that the promoter is an important player in the fighting process. The difference between a good matchup and a complete mismatch often comes down to the promoter. While your ego might believe that you can compete against anyone in the ring, that is simply not the case. Skill, size, conditioning, fighting styles, mental toughness and experience all play important roles in determining who wins a...

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