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Why Competing in the Ring Feels so Different than Sparring

Have you ever wondered why some people look great in sparring, but completely flop when it comes to competition? While most people understand that competition is different than training, unless you compete you won’t understand how different it really feels. Rarely, and I mean rarely, do you see a fighter step into the ring for the first time and look like they do in training (it does happen on the rare occasion). What usually happens is wonder why they felt so slow and out of rhythm. The more fights a fighter has, the more comfortable they feel during competition. Fighters who have lots of experience are able to stay relaxed...

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The Myth of the Perfect Fight Record – Why Every Fighter Loses Eventually

In this day and age, everything is about winning. In the world of combat sports, people worship fighters who can maintain undefeated records, often viewing these fighters as invincible. Casual fans are falsely led to believe that a fighter’s record determines how good they are. If a fighter is 15-0, he must be a lot better than a fighter who is 5-5, right? While this is the perception that most people have when they look at a fighters record, the reality is much different. What is much more important than a fighters record, is the quality of competition that a fighter faces. If a fighter is...

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Muay Thai Fighting – 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fight

In our last article titled, “5 Reasons you Should Fight,” we talked about specific reasons why you should fight. This article will talk about why you don’t have to fight if you love the sport. With the growing popularity of Muay Thai around the world, there are increasing opportunities to have fights. While some people enjoy fighting and competing, the majority of people who train do not have aspirations to enter the ring. Just because someone is training Muay Thai and loves the sport, doesn’t mean they want to test themselves in a fight. Everyone has their own reason why they train: some...

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Getting Cut in a Muay Thai Fight: What I Learned after 20 Stitches

When I talk to people about fighting in Thailand one of the biggest concerns is elbow cuts. People are often worried that their face will get cut up in a fight. This is probably one of the biggest hesitations people fear with having a full rule muay thai fight: the lethal elbows. When it comes to elbows and cuts, the honest answer I tell people is that if you fight long enough, you will get cut, deal with it. Cutting someone in a fight is an art, some Thai’s will literally cut every opponent they fight regardless if they...

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Fighting in Thailand: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When it comes to competing in Muay Thai, there is no better place than Thailand. You can literally walk into any gym and say you want to have a fight within a week and they will find a promoter to line you up with a fight. This doesn’t mean you will have an evenly matched fight or opponent, but you will be fighting in the ring in 2 days. Don’t expect to be fighting in a premier stadium like Lumpinee or Ratchadamnoen, but expect a fight somewhere. No other country in the world can you line up a fight within...

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