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The 15 Healthiest Thai Food Dishes in Thailand

There is a bit of a misconception that just because there is an abundance of freshly-cooked food sourced from local ingredients that Thai food is inherently healthy. This is not true. Most of the local dishes are very high in sodium, sugar, fat, and MSG. They are also heavy on carbs and very light on protein, with the protein usually being the fattier, cheap pieces of meat, especially if you eat Thai food from street stalls or the cheaper restaurants. If you are down here training Muay Thai, it’s important to get enough protein in your diet to repair...

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10 Common Jobs for Foreigners Working in Thailand

Is it your dream to live in Thailand? A lot of people want to make the move to Thailand, but the biggest thing that holds them back is money. Sure, you might be able to live for one or two years without working, but eventually your money will run out (unless you have unlimited funds or some sort of income from back home coming in). To solve the money problem, most younger expats go job hunting when they visit Thailand. The job market is decent if you have a specific skill that is in-demand over there. The jobs in...

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12 Signs You’ve Been Living In Thailand For Too Long

When most people first arrive in Thailand, they are often taken back by the amazing culture, the “Thai hospitality,” and the beauty of the country. Whether it’s the amazing food, unique culture, stunning landscapes, or cheap prices, there is always something that hooks most people into wanting to stay longer. Just like any newly formed relationship, once you get over that honeymoon period, those cute quirks that you once thought were cute will start to annoy you after a while. If you have stayed long enough, you will come across articles like, “21 signs you’ve been in Thailand too long”...

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5 Reasons You Should Move to Thailand

Are you bored of your life? Are you looking for some excitement or simply feel that your years are passing by without actually living? Most people live their whole lives without actually experiencing life. Starting at a young age you are constantly brain washed into thinking the key to a good life is “go to college, get a good job, and build your career.” In most countries people get caught up in the “rat race,” trying to get the perfect house, the perfect career, and have the perfect family 디펜더스. Society has brain washed people into thinking this is...

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