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The Ultimate Koh Tao Travel Guide

Introduction – Why go to Koh Tao? Koh Tao actually means “Turtle Island” and this island was actually inhabited by turtles in the past. Now it is inhabited by locals, expats, and tourists. Located east of the Surat Thani coastline, Koh Tao is a haven for scuba divers from all over the world. Some even choose to live here for most of the year. There are two nearby islands, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui, which I’ll talk more about in another part of this guide. Why do so many people visit this small Thai island? It is a paradise,...

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The Ultimate Pattaya Travel Guide

Introduction – Why go to Pattaya? Just 147 kilometers southeast of Bangkok lies Pattaya. It’s location on the Gulf of Thailand means it has optimal weather, location, and beaches for all types of travelers, from families to couples to solo travelers. Its relaxed atmosphere appeals to everyone, and the lively nightlife attracts partygoers galore. But Pattaya is beginning to grow out of its reputation as a sleazy party town and now has a lot more to offer. Those looking for watersports won’t be disappointed. Diving, snorkeling, and even fishing are popular here and Pattaya is a great home base for...

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Medicine Balls

If Arnold Schwarzenegger popularized weights and dumbbells, it was Sylvester Stallone that popularized the Medicine Ball.  That brown leather ball Rocky used to get his rock hard abdominals has come a long way, as has the whole concept of Medicine Ball training.  We look at the best Medicine Balls around. It’s taken a lot of sit-ups and ball slams to come to a conclusion on this but we found the 14 inch XD Kevlar Medicine Ball to be the best ones around, boasting the perfect size and durable materials as well as falling in line with the best, most...

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Why You Shouldn’t Train When You Are Sick or Have an Infection

When you are in a training groove, taking a few days off is hard. All that hard work you put into getting in peak shape is suddenly at risk the moment you come down with something. While you may be tempted to train through your illness, you must remember that you are training in a group environment. If you show up at the gym when you are sick with something contagious, you run the risk of getting other people sick. Nobody wants to train with someone who can get them sick. While people can train through a cold if you...

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The Ultimate Phuket Travel Guide: Thailand’s Biggest Island

Welcome to Thailand’s biggest island and the second most popular tourist destination in the country. Phuket is both a launching point to some of the most spectacular southern Island scenery, boasting such postcard perfect beaches like Koh Phi Phi and Krabi to raucous nightlife of the infamous Bangla Road. But besides being the launching point to some of the best destinations in Thailand, Phuket is also a thriving destination itself where you can, if you choose, get away from the crowds, find quiet corner and just relax and enjoy the stunning scenery by yourself. And being an Island, you are...

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