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Top 15 Things to Do in Bangkok

Bangkok is a vibrant, colorful, and welcoming city with lots of sights, shows, and culture to experience. This is not a city to be avoided. It’s a city with much to offer any tourist who chooses to spend a few days here. Here’s a list of the Top 15 things to see and do while in Bangkok. Note, Bangkok is the type of city where you could easily fill up a Top 100 and still not have enough room. I’ve selected what I consider (as someone who’s lived in Thailand for five years) the must-do, must-see things. The good...

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Top 20 Things to Do in Phuket

Phuket is a special sort of place — one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand…and the world. Beach mecca, gateway to the southern Island, and a place that offers a little bit of something for everyone. I’ve lived in Phuket for over five years. If you are coming as a tourist for a few days or few weeks, here’s the top tourist’ hit list for the must-do things. If you don’t knock of all ten points on your ‘Phuket Bucket List’, you’ll be going home disappointed. Local Tip: Phuket is a perfect counterpoint to Bangkok (see our...

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20 Healthy Restaurant Thai Food Dishes that are Paleo

If you plan to travel to Thailand and want to eat healthy while at sit-in restaurants, read this article… It’s an urban myth that Thai food is inherently healthy for you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people talk about how healthy Thai food dishes are just because quite a few of them have fresh vegetables. Yes, the emphasis on Thai food is to use fresh ingredients. Yes, there’s often a lot of vegetables used in the dishes and an assortment of salads. But many Thai dishes are absolutely loaded with processed sugars, MSG, heavy doses of...

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The 10 Healthiest Paleo Thai Street Food Dishes

Eating healthy can be difficult if you live in Thailand, especially if you want to eat street food, which is the cheapest and arguably the most popular way to eat Thai food while in Thailand. But much of the street food is loaded with salts,  processed sugars, and artificial flavors and additives. Not exactly healthy fare by any means.  If you are following a Paleo diet, which mandates you avoid all starchy carbs, dairy, and processed foods, Thailand can be a bit of a nightmare. Yes, a number of the dishes are vegetable based (like the salads) but often...

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Top 12 Best Places to See in Thailand

One could easily fill up a list of 100 must-see places in Thailand and still find the list too short. But there are some clear winners that, if you visit the Land of Smiles, you need to cross off your list first. Welcome to our Top 12 of the Best Places to See in Thailand. Thailand is a place where you can easily spend a few months jumping around different areas to fully explore each one. But if you are time constrained, you can knock off most of these sights within a packed two-week trip across Thailand. However, for...

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