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Category: Muay Thai Koh Samui

Yodyut Muay Thai Gym

Yodyut is a Muay Thai gym that was founded by SON, an ex fighter who has fought in over 250 fights. SON has been a trainer at a number of gyms around Thailand and also trained people in Ireland, Sweden, Scotland and Hong Kong. He is a trainer that likes to focus on building good technique into his students and has a great reputation among people who have worked with him.  Along with SON, Yodyut has a handful of good trainers who have experience training in other gyms around Thailand.This gym has an excellent reputation in Koh Samui as...

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Jackie Muay Thai Gym

Jackie Muay Thai gym was founded by a famous trainer/fighter named Jackie. Jackie goes by the fighting name Sakmongkol Monsaichon and has over 250 fights and was a Lumpinee and Rajadmanern champion in his prime. He is also a qualified referee and is famous for training some of the top Brazilian fighters like Anderson Silva and Antonio Nogueira. This is a relatively newer Muay Thai gym that has been opened now for a few years that offers Muay Thai training for those who are interested in learning from Jacky.  Location Address: Located on the Island of Samui, Jackie is one of the many Muay...

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Superpro Samui Gym | Training Camp in Thailand

Superpro Samui is a Muay Thai gym that was founded by the founders of the the Kickboxing promotion Showtime that was sold to the current Glory Kickboxing. The co-founders are Remon Daalder and Edwin Van Os. Remon has been active in the kickboxing industry for over 20 years and holds the biggest promotions of kickboxing in Europe. Edwin Van Os was a very successful kickboxing trainer and has tons of experience as a gym owner. They currently own Enfusion and have built a number of successful kickboxing brands.  In 2008, both cofounders recruited their managing partner, Robbie Timmers, who previously owned...

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Jun Muay Thai Gym | Training Camp

Jun Muay Thai is located in one of Thailand’s largest islands, Koh Samui. The co-owner is Koson Matuwet also known as Jun. He has fought several times at the popular stadiums, Lumpinee and Rajadamnern becoming a champion Thai boxer with 200+ fights. He later retired and decided to live his dream to have his own gym, Jun Muay Thai. Jun Muay Thai carries 8 world champion trainers including Jun. They bring hard, quality training to all levels. It is an open air gym with 2 full sized rings, 14 bags, 7 punching tires, 2 punching pads and floor mats...

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