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Muay Thai Sweep from Leg Catch featuring Petchboonchu

When it comes to Muay Thai combinations, there is an unlimited number of possibilities you can create. Most high-level fighters don’t think about combinations, they simply react to what their opponent gives them. Learning combinations helps you train your brain to string together more than one strike. Through trial and error, you will learn what strikes work well in sequence, and which ones don’t. This is something that happens through sparring and competition. Basic Leg Kick Sweep When you catch your opponent’s leg there is several different things you can do. Some people like striking right away, while others prefer...

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Using Your Feints to Land Your Front Sided Weapons with Pornsanae

One of the key skills in Muay Thai is learning how to control the distance against your opponent. Two of the best techniques you can use to control the distance in a fight is the jab and the teep. Both techniques are offensive and defensive strikes that can disrupt your opponent when they are in rhythm. While these techniques are not knockout strikes, they allow you to push your opponent back and prevent them from moving forward. Because both attacks come from your front side, they are also known as your front sided weapons. The advantage of attacking with front...

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Countering off Your Opponent’s Jab with Pornsanae

Something that sets high-level fighters apart is the small nuances in their game that allow them to land strikes. All the basics look the same, but it is the subtle differences in timing that allow them to break down good defenses. Fighters who fight at the highest levels of the sport, need to adapt their game to compete against top level competition. An offensive fighter like Pornsanae Sitmonchai, was known for his hard punches and low kicks. Even though his opponents knew that he was going to throw those strikes, he still managed to land them. Using speed, power, and timing,...

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Muay Thai Pad Rounds with Thai Champion Penake

Once you develop good Muay Thai fundamentals, one of the best ways to expand your game is to train with different trainers. Every trainer you work with is unique and will offer you different tips and techniques that you can add to your game. In Thailand, most Muay Thai gyms are known have a specific fighting style that they are good at. A gym like Kaewsamrit is known for heavy hands, Sitmonchai is famous for their low kicks, while other gyms breed clinchers and technical fighters. A gym’s fighting style often comes from the head trainer, who is often the original trainer at the...

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Using the Fake Teep to Setup Your Punches with Pornsanae

When you face an opponent with a strong defense, landing clean strikes can be difficult. Good fighters utilize head movement and block most incoming strikes they see coming. To effectively land your strikes, you need to utilize feints (fakes) to open holes in your opponent’s defense. If you can make your opponent expect you to throw a strike, it will allow you to land another strike. When your opponent reacts to a specific feint, that opens their defense for a moment, allowing you to land something else. The key to throwing any fake is to try and make your feints realistic. If...

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