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Muay Thai Clinching 101 – An Overview of the Clinch

When you think about Muay Thai, the first thing that probably comes to mind is probably the striking. From the deadly elbows, hard punches, sharp knees, to the punishing kicks, Muay Thai is famously known as the science of 8 limbs. While these weapons are devastating in their own right, what truly separates Muay Thai apart from is clinching. If you put a good Muay Thai fighter in the ring against someone from another striking background, the Muay Thai fighter’s biggest advantage will come when they clinch. This huge advantage is the reason why you never see dutch Kickboxers fighting under full Muay...

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The Ultimate Muay Thai Guide to the Right Cross

This guide will teach you an essential muay thai weapon – the right cross! Some of the most devastating fighters in the sport utilize this technique to get a lot of knockouts. The right cross is an essential component of muay thai. Along with the jab, the cross is the most utilized punch that you will see in muay thai competitions. If you want to get better at muay thai, it is essential that you know how to throw the right cross effectively. Right Cross Theory The right cross is often known as the power shot. You generate the...

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The 5 Benefits of Heavy Bag Training in Muay Thai

The heavy bag is one of the most underutilized areas of training in Muay Thai. Even when it is used in training, most people don’t use it very effectively. You will often see people at the gym casually punching the heavy bag as they are chatting up the person beside them. If you train at a typical Muay Thai gym there is a good chance that you probably don’t use the heavy bag effectively in your training. This is especially true if you are at big commercial gym that is more focused on a cardio workout, than building technique. Hitting on the heavy bag...

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Find the Right Muay Thai Trainer – 5 Things to Look For

The relationship some people develop with their trainer in Muay Thai is something that is often unbreakable. Years of hard work and dedication at the gym, often turn a teacher/student relationship into a long lasting friendship. The sweat, blood, and tears that are shed in the Muay Thai rings and training will further help to cement the relationship that is developed over time. While most people are completely happy with their trainers (ignorance is bliss), not all trainers are created equal. There are some good trainers out there, some bad ones, and some REALLY bad ones. People often feel...

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12 Sparring Tips That Will Make You Better

The first time you start sparring can be extremely intimidating if you don’t know what to expect. Most beginners think of sparring as one step away from being in an actual fight. The better you are at sparring, the more success you will have in preparing for a fight. If you are only training muay thai to burn calories and get a cardio workout then sparring is optional and you should continue to have fun and enjoy the sport of muay thai. Make sure you watch this video below: However, if you actually want to get better at muay...

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