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Rare Clinching Throw – Superman Push from the Muay Thai Clinch

Every once in a while you run into a technique that you haven’t encountered before. While there are hundreds of different throws and sweeps, most people stick to a handful of common techniques. Specialty techniques like this one, are typically used by fighters with a lot of experience in the clinch. Before I describe this technique, I want to point out that this is an advance Muay Thai throw. If you are a beginner or intermediate student, please watch the video, but don’t focus on this technique. There are more fundamental clinching throws you should learn first before you...

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How to Throw a Muay Thai Body Kick with Perfect Technique

The Muay Thai body kick is one of the most challenging techniques to master. Because the Muay Thai kick incorporates the entire body into the motion, one mistake can throw off the technique. For Thai fighters, the body kick is a basic technique that they master at a young age. It is the first technique that young Thai fighters learn the moment they step into the gym. After a few months of training, these young fighters can already kick with perfect technique. Thai boys learn to perfect the kick by receiving direct feedback after every strike. Thai trainers correct...

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How to Defend Against the Body Lock Position in the Clinch

When your opponent has you locked in a body lock position in the clinch it is important to understand how to defend against it. The body lock is a strong position because your opponent can squeeze you and control your body position. From a body lock position, they can score knee strikes or sweep you to the ground using a throw. Because the body lock is a disadvantageous position, it is important for you to learn the proper defense. In the following video Petchboonchu demonstrates some important techniques you can use when your opponent has you locked down. Things...

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Learn How to Escape the Arm Triangle Lock in the Clinch

Getting stuck in an arm triangle lock is one of the worst clinching positions that you will find yourself in. The basic clinching arm triangle lock is when your opponent has his forehead pushing against your neck, while his arms are locked together squeezing tightly. From this position, your opponent can squeeze his arms together to push his head tight against your neck, making it impossible to squeeze your hands on the inside. This is a lock commonly used in Thailand by good clinchers. The lock can help you control your opponent’s upper body, allowing you to score knee strikes without much resistance. The first time you get caught in this lock, you will probably panic and try to use force to escape the lock. Unfortunately, trying to muscle your way out of the lock will only allow your opponent to squeeze your neck tighter. In this video Petchboonchu demonstrates how to escape the arm triangle lock. Things to Consider The key to this technique is your footwork and keeping your hips close to your opponent. If your hips are far from your opponent, you will not be able to control your opponent. Getting your hips close to your opponent will help you generate the momentum to toss them over. Good clinchers will know how to counter balance your escape attempt, so it is important to understand that this will not work all of the time....

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Petchboonchu Demonstrates a Basic Sweep From the Body Lock Position

When you are clinching with a sparring partner you may find yourself locked in a body lock with your opponent. This is a common clinching position and can be used to score knee strikes or sweep your opponent off balance. Since you have one arm over and the other under your opponent’s arms, this is a neutral position because neither person has the advantage. While you might be able to get away with off balancing someone new in the clinch, if you face someone experienced you will need to utilize skill to throw them off balance. Waiting for your opponent to throw a knee strike can allow you to take advantage of one foot being off the ground. Petchboonchu was extremely good at the body lock position in the clinch because of his excellent balance, skill and strength. Once Petchboonchu locked his arms around an opponent, there was often little that person could do to escape the lock. The following video showcases Petchboonchu demonstrating an effective sweep from the body lock position in the clinch.  Things to Consider Patience and timing is everything when it comes to sweeping your opponent. If you try to perform a sweep without waiting for the right moment, your opponent will have both of his feet on the ground. This will make it difficult to throw him, unless you are trying to use brute force to do the throw....

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