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Petchboonchu Demonstrates How To Escape the Double Collar Tie

When you first start training Muay Thai one of the most common positions that you may find yourself is in the double collar tie. The double collar tie is when your opponent puts two hands around your neck and pulls it down. Once your opponent has two hands around your neck, it is difficult to escape if they have a strong lock. The strength of the lock will vary depending on your opponent’s technique and their physical strength. The biggest mistake you can do when someone grabs your neck in a double collar tie is to try and push them off. This is a common mistake made by MMA fighters who have never been trained properly in Muay Thai clinching. When you try to push away from your opponent, you allow your opponent to have space to throw a knee at your face. Instead of pushing away from your opponent, you need to fight to get closer to your opponent. The tighter you are to your opponent, the less space they have to throw knees. The following videos showcases clinching legend Petchboonchu demonstrating how to escape the double collar tie in the clinch. Speed, timing and good footwork are all important elements in this technique. How to Escape the Double Collar Tie Featuring Petchboonchu Things to Consider Every technique has a time and a place. If you are facing a strong opponent who has...

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Clinching Arm Lock Off Balancing Technique ft. Petchboonchu

When you are locked inside of the clinch there are a number of techniques you can utilize against your opponent. Many techniques focus on off balancing your opponent, which can open up space for you to throw a knee strike. In my last video with Petchboonchu, he demonstrated an effective arm trap that you can use to execute a knee strike. This is a technique that required good footwork in order for you to execute the move. That technique was used when you are fighting for position in the clinch. In today’s Training with Champions video, Petchboonchu demonstrates a clinching technique you can use when you are locked in the clinch against your opponent. While your opponent is fighting for better arm position, you can take advantage of a strong lock by using this off balancing technique. Clinching Technique: Clinching Arm Arm Lock Off Balancing Technique Keys to the Technique The key to this technique is to wait for your opponent to break his lock around your neck. As your releases one hand from his lock and tries to get his hand inside your lock, you rotate your body around his locked arm. This technique is difficult to execute because you need to coordinate your footwork and arm movement at the same time. This technique is ideal for off balancing your opponent and creating space to throw a knee down the...

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Clinching Arm Trap to Knee Technique ft. Petchboonchu

While there are a lot of clinching techniques that involve throws, there are some techniques that are used to establish a dominant kneeing position. If you can put your opponent in a vulnerable position and hold him there, that can be more devastating than a sweep. Even though good sweeps look more spectacular, a good knee inside the clinch will score you points and can cause more damage to your opponent. Sweeps are more embarrassing to a fighter, but they do not hurt when you get thrown on the ground. A big part of clinching is the constant battle for a...

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Muay Thai Hand Trap Throw from the Clinch ft. Petchboonchu

One thing I love about clinching is there are countless techniques you can use. I’ve been training the clinch for years, and I am still shown new moves on a regular basis by the Thai trainers. Most people have 3-5 regular sweeps that they perform on a regular basis. By keeping your list of sweeps short, you can work on performing those sweeps over and over and develop the necessary skill to pull them off in many situations. In our last article, Petchboonchu demonstrated an effective arm lock throw from the clinch that you can use. Today’s video is similar, except...

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Muay Thai Sweep from Leg Catch featuring Petchboonchu

When it comes to Muay Thai combinations, there is an unlimited number of possibilities you can create. Most high-level fighters don’t think about combinations, they simply react to what their opponent gives them. Learning combinations helps you train your brain to string together more than one strike. Through trial and error, you will learn what strikes work well in sequence, and which ones don’t. This is something that happens through sparring and competition. Basic Leg Kick Sweep When you catch your opponent’s leg there is several different things you can do. Some people like striking right away, while others prefer...

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