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Muay Thai Hand Trap Throw from the Clinch ft. Petchboonchu

One thing I love about clinching is there are countless techniques you can use. I’ve been training the clinch for years, and I am still shown new moves on a regular basis by the Thai trainers. Most people have 3-5 regular sweeps that they perform on a regular basis. By keeping your list of sweeps short, you can work on performing those sweeps over and over and develop the necessary skill to pull them off in many situations. In our last article, Petchboonchu demonstrated an effective arm lock throw from the clinch that you can use. Today’s video is similar, except...

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Muay Thai Sweep from Leg Catch featuring Petchboonchu

When it comes to Muay Thai combinations, there is an unlimited number of possibilities you can create. Most high-level fighters don’t think about combinations, they simply react to what their opponent gives them. Learning combinations helps you train your brain to string together more than one strike. Through trial and error, you will learn what strikes work well in sequence, and which ones don’t. This is something that happens through sparring and competition. Basic Leg Kick Sweep When you catch your opponent’s leg there is several different things you can do. Some people like striking right away, while others prefer...

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The Ultimate Guide to Holding Muay Thai Pads – Pad Holding 101

One aspect of training people often doesn’t discuss is the important role of the pad holder. Having a lot of good pad holders at a gym can improve the overall level of everyone training. Every good pad holder at a gym is an asset that will make everyone better. A good pad holder is independent of any instructor. They have been trained to use their brains when they hold pads and don’t need to be told what to do. This level of fluency is only acquired through experience and practice. Pad holding is a skill just like sparring; the more...

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Using the Fake Teep to Setup Your Punches with Pornsanae

When you face an opponent with a strong defense, landing clean strikes can be difficult. Good fighters utilize head movement and block most incoming strikes they see coming. To effectively land your strikes, you need to utilize feints (fakes) to open holes in your opponent’s defense. If you can make your opponent expect you to throw a strike, it will allow you to land another strike. When your opponent reacts to a specific feint, that opens their defense for a moment, allowing you to land something else. The key to throwing any fake is to try and make your feints realistic. If...

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Japanese Fighter Knocks Out Muay Thai Champion with Amazing Kick

Every once in a while you see a fight that completely blows your mind. This fight between Tenshin and Wanchalong showcased a talented Japanese fighter vs. the Lumpinee champion. Known for his aggression, this was a fight that I expected Wanchalong to take from the start. Tenshin vs. Wanchalong – Skip to 9 minute mark for KO Thanks to Himemoto Kakeru for posting the fight Thoughts on the fight: This may be the first time I’ve seen a Lumpinee Champion being knocked out by a foreigner. I know there are a lot of retired and ex champions who are past their...

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