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The Benefits of Sparring With Someone That Goes Hard

In most gyms, there is usually one guy (or girl) who has a reputation of sparring too hard. Most of the time this person thinks he/she is going light, even though they aren’t. Most trainers will make sure that people who spar hard get paired with people who are experienced enough to handle the heat. In Thailand, usually, when there is some crazy guy who is trying to knock people out, the Thai trainers don’t let new guys spar with that person. In an ideal world, when you are sparring with someone who is going hard, it means your...

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Muay Thai Sparring Drill – Trusting Your Guard

One of the keys to preventing head injuries and getting concussions in Muay Thai is to have a good defense. If you have a good defense it will allow you to survive five rounds with a hard hitting opponent, without being knocked unconscious. A key element of a good defense is your Muay Thai guard. Your guard is going to protect you from incoming punches, elbows, head kicks, and knees to the face. You don’t have to have a fancy guard for it to be effective. By keeping your hands up in front of your face, you will naturally block a...

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A Guide To Hard Sparring In Muay Thai – Everything You Should Know

When it comes to developing a complete Muay Thai game, sparring is an essential element of Muay Thai. Sparring not only improves your offensive and defensive timing, it can also build physical and mental toughness. Different types of sparring work on different aspects of your game. Technical sparring can help you develop your timing and technique, while hard sparring can help prepare you for a fight. In my last article, I talked about the importance of technical sparring for your Muay Thai development. If you haven’t read that article I suggest you read that one first, before continuing on. This article will cover the importance...

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The Importance of Technical Sparring for Muay Thai Development

The one thing that separates the best strikers in the world from the rest of us is timing. Timing is the difference between landing a clean strike on an opponent or having your shins busted from leg checks. The question is how do you develop better timing? The answer is very simple: sparring Timing is developed in training by sparring against opponents who are actively trying to defend against your strikes. If you practice throwing leg kicks against someone who stands idle and allows you to kick them, it won’t teach you how to land leg kicks against a real opponent. While most people understand...

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The 10 Types of People You Find Sparring in Thailand

  Have you ever wondered what type of people you will spar with in Thailand? Well, I’ve come up with another top 10 list to break it down for you. Sparring in Thailand is different than back home. Every sparring session you will run into guys who have different backgrounds and experience. You will spar beginners, amateur fighters, pro fighters, Thai champions, and everything in between. When it comes to the actual sparring, unlike back home, nobody will baby you and make sure that someone isn’t going too hard or too soft. The Thai trainers will let anybody who wants to spar, spar....

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