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Clinching with Muay Thai Champion Kanongsuk at Evolve MMA

Over 5 years ago when I had my first Muay Thai fight in Thailand, I ended up training with a young Rajadamnern Champion named Kanongsuk Chuwattana (Chai). Chai went on to corner me in my first few fights and was an excellent pad holder and trainer. Something that set Chai apart from the rest of the Thai trainers was the fact that he was a BIG Thai and he was still an active fighter (21 at the time). He probably has the biggest calves you will ever see on a Thai fighter and is built like a brick. Chai is actually...

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Technical Sparring with Muay Thai World Champion Penake

One of the best things about sparring with high level Thai fighters is they are always controlled. Most of the time these fighters don’t have big egos and aren’t trying to prove anything. They are confident in their abilities and don’t have to show you how good they are by putting a beating on you. If you’ve already read my sparring articles on technical sparring or hard sparring, you already know that there is no ‘winning’ in sparring. Sparring is meant for you to work on your game and to try to improve your timing. When I visited Evolve MMA,...

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Hitting Muay Thai Pads with Kru Yod at Evolve MMA

In my last trip to Singapore I had the opportunity to train at Evolve MMA and work with some of their Muay Thai champions. For someone who is a big Muay Thai fan, you can imagine this was my perfect vacation. Anytime you get a chance to train with some of the best fighters in the world and have a vacation at the same time, you take it. On my first day at Evolve MMA I got a chance to hit pads with Kru Yod, who was one of the most popular trainers at the gym. Yod became famous after he was featured in...

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